Public Relations Associate Cover Letter Sample and Tips

Updated on: October 13, 2019

Almost every employer asks candidates to come up with a cover letter along with their resume for a job application.

Writing a compelling cover letter for a Public Relations position can be a challenging task that requires a lot of time and attention. That is because the fate of the candidate’s accompanying resume depends on how convinced your cover letter leaves your employer once they are done reading it.


A successful cover letter for a Public Relations Associate is:

Short and Specific: Bbrief, to the point, highly relevant and never boring.

Custom Built: Written in keeping the company’s current status, requirements and expectations of the position in mind.

Employer Centered: Communicates how hiring the candidate will facilitate the employer.

Error Free: Free of all kinds of grammatical or spelling mistakes.


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Public Relations Associate Cover Letter



Laura Hayes
450 Hallmark Ave, Houston, TX 89002
(000) 234-6545
laura @ email . com

October 13, 2019

Ms. Katelyn James
HR Manager
899 Berry Lane
Houston, TX 89002


Dear Ms. James:

Your advertisement for the position of a Public Relations Associate in the Daily Post piqued my interest. That is mainly because my competencies seem to be a perfect match to your job description.

I am a professional who believes in starting from the essentials. I am known for regularly practicing basic PR rituals like maintaining constant contact with media partners over the phone, responding to daily prompts and alerts courteously, involving all partners in regular briefings and keeping them up to date with the campaign progress which inevitably attracts success.

Below is a snapshot of my candidacy in exact synchronization with your job demands for your consideration:

• 5+ years’ experience in Public Relations
• Exceptional communication, interpersonal and relationship-building skills
• Proven ability to partner and collaborate with various media channels for campaign promotion
• Tech-savvy individual; apt at managing the social media projection of latest products and launches

My enclosed resume further details my competencies in effective relationship building and maintenance along with some of my professional accomplishments that speak of my potential as a Public Relations Associate.

I am confident that an interview would demonstrate my expertise in developing connections with various PR channels, securing media partners and fostering productive promotional channels for existing products and new launches. I will call you next Friday to answer any questions and to obtain an interview date and time that suits you. If you wish to talk earlier, my digits are (000) 234-6545.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Laura Hayes