Physical Therapy Aide Job Description for Resume

Updated on: September 8, 2021

Physical therapy aides are hired by independent physical therapy clinics or hospitals that provide physical therapy treatments.

They are responsible for ensuring that patient examination and therapy rooms are prepared on time and that patients are provided with preliminary information regarding procedures.

Working as a physical therapy aide requires one to be hands-on with all physical therapy procedures and protocols.

Since patient education is of the utmost importance, it is imperative for physical therapy aides to be thoroughly knowledgeable about what physical therapy stands for.

Educational Requirements

Eligibility to work as a physical therapy aide include a high school diploma or GED, but some employers may want to hire people who have had prior experience as well.

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Physical Therapy Aide Skills & Abilities

Capability to learn rehab philosophies to care for the physically disabled is also essential if you want to work at this position.

Since you will be working with many people with physical disabilities, you must make sure that you emit compassion and understanding.

The ability to react appropriately and quickly to emergencies and exceptional capability of prioritizing work requests is also crucial.

If you are interested in a physical therapy aide job, you may be interested in what the list of job duties below has to say:

Sample Job Duties for Physical Therapy Aide Resume

• Greet patients and interview them to determine the nature of the complaint.

• Make notes on each patient and ensure that all-important preliminary information is communicated to the physical therapist.

• Schedule physical therapy appointments and follow up on them to ensure that patients turn up.

• Prepare treatment rooms by ensuring that all appropriate equipment and supplies are always available.

• Educate patients on specific physical therapy procedures and prepare them for their appointments.

• Assist in treating patients by applying heat packs and paraffin drips and provide support to patients in whirlpools and during physical therapy exercises.

• Ascertain that the treatment room, equipment, and supplies are properly cleaned and sanitized after each treatment.

• Perform preventative and general maintenance on physical therapy equipment to ensure that it stays in good use.

• Maintain supplies and equipment inventory by periodically checking stock to determine inventory levels.

• Monitor patients during therapy sessions and provide them with compassionate care to keep them constantly comfortable.

• Make notes on how patients are responding and alert therapists in case of any physical or emotional distress.

• Assist patients by physically moving them from waiting areas to treatment rooms and back.

• Answer telephone calls to provide information regarding the hospital/facility’s services and schedules.

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