Domestic Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: November 29, 2021

Domestic assistants, also known as housekeepers, work in a multitude of capacities at hospitals, care homes, and private houses.

This position encompasses a lot of duties, and it is actually up to the employer what obligations he wants a domestic assistant to perform in keeping within the general job description.

Domestic assistants are required to maintain a high level of cleanliness, keeping in mind the hygiene and sanitation needs of the facility that they are working in.

While working in an assisted facility, a domestic assistant will need to possess more than knowledge of housekeeping; he will need to be empathetic, friendly, and caring as well because of the demands of the environment.

Looking to apply for a domestic assistant position and are not sure how to begin? Look no further!

The following cover letter sample should help you pass the first hurdle!

Domestic Assistant Cover Letter Example

Elisa Johns
Flat 61, Viridian Apartments
75 Battersea Park Road
London, SW8 4DA
[Phone Number]

September 7, 2018

Ms. Julia Parker
Manager Human Resources
Battersea Residential Care
124-126 Wardour Street
London, W1F 0TY

Dear Ms. Parker:

The position as a Domestic Assistant at Battersea Residential Care interests me immensely because I have an inborn ability to care for others. I understand that this job requires an individual to be well conversant with common housekeeping chores and am confident in my aptitude to provide more than just housekeeping.

During my school years, I took some time out each month for community service. This work provided me with a passion enough to want to pursue it as a career, and this is all I have been doing ever since – this is all I know how to do!

In my summer job with ABC Care Home, I was responsible for providing the mates of the care home with quality in domestic services akin to meal preparation, laundry management, and emotional support. I comprehend the fact that I will be working with vulnerable adults if provided with a chance to work at Battersea Residential Care and I can safely assure you that I have a keen eye for detail along with the ability to act with integrity which are the basic requirements for dealing with tricky situations.

Not only will this opportunity provide me with a chance to contribute to your organization, but I will also be doing something which means the world to me – caring for others. I look forward to an opportunity when I could meet with you and elaborate on how I will be a successful addition.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Elisa Johns

Enc. Resum