Activity Aide Cover Letter

Updated on: March 15, 2018

An activity aide works under an activity director and responsible for planning, organizing and implementing programs and activities for groups of people.

They usually work in a healthcare setting and sometimes duplicate the roles of CNAs.

If you are applying for a job as an activity aide, then the following cover letter sample may come in handy.



Activity Aide Cover Letter Sample  



657 Kapena Street
Lihue, HI 77735

March 15, 2018

Mr. Abraham White
The Seniors’ Facility
89 Pona Way
Lihue, HI 77265


Dear Mr. White:

I am writing to express my keen interested in the position of Activity Aide with The Seniors’ Facility. I am a trained activity aide with a CNA Certification, compassionate nature and the ability to follow directions effectively. I offer 8+ years of working in this setting.

I have had the opportunity of working with diverse groups of people which is why I deem myself an excellent choice for this. I possess the knowledge of prudent activities that will help the elderly interact on different levels and have the know-how of implementing them just perfectly.

My ability to become accustomed to all types of situations makes it easy for me to be able to work with seniors who may pose to be difficult at times. Additionally, my background in nursing will assist me in providing health care to the residents regarding medication and personal care.

I am very excited at the prospect of working with The Seniors’ Facility and would like to meet you in person so we can discuss this opportunity in detail. I will call you after one week so we can set a mutually comfortable date to meet. In the meantime, I will be available at (000) 577-5555 or via email at [Email].

Thank you for considering my application for the Activity Aide position.



Emma Watson

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