AWS Cloud Architect Hard Skills for Resume

Updated on: April 14, 2021

An AWS Cloud Architect needs a strong skill set to be eligible for this position.

How would you convince the hiring manager that you are the only candidate with a strong set of skills? Through the resume skills section of course.

As an AWS Cloud Architect, you will need to provide information about your ability to create, develop, and implement cloud architectures. Determining the clients’ needs, and then designing systems will be primary.

As a matter of fact, all good resume or CV formats include a skills section. This will help you in organizing your skills information. Start from the top.

What is the most important skill that you possess as an AWS Cloud Architect?

Then move on to equal or less important ones.

In all honesty, all your skills are important, which is why you must make a conscious effort to make them look good on your AWS Cloud Architect resume.

Sample Hard Skills for AWS Cloud Architect Resume

• Demonstrated expertise in determining clients’ specific AWS cloud requirements.
• Highly skilled in providing information such as available cloud technologies and platforms.
• Effectively able to create solid cloud strategies, and manage the adaptation process.
• Skilled in regularly evaluating cloud applications, hardware, and software.
• Well-versed in working closely with information technology security to monitor cloud privacy.
• Competent in offering guidance and advice in infrastructure movement techniques such as bulk transfers.
• Qualified to identify top cloud architecture solutions in order to successfully meet strategic needs.
• Documented success in developing private and workable cloud systems on a variety of platforms.
• Adept at studying existing technology loads to help with new technology solutions development.
• Exceptionally talented in defining migration strategies to move applications to clouds.
• In-depth knowledge of developing architectural blueprints and detailed documentation.
• Hands-on experience in designing the overall VPC environment.
• Expert in designing and implementing network architecture including VPN connectivity between different regions and subnets.
• Focused on developing and implementing core strategic cloud solutions, ensuring clients’ specifications.
• Familiar with setting up processes, services, and tools around cloud architecture.
• Exceptionally knowledgeable about leveraging appropriate AWS services.
• Highly experienced in validating information technology environments to meet security and compliance controls.
• Solid track record of effectively defining core and support processes that transcend organizational boundaries.
• Exceptional knowledge of applying a structured and systematic approach to capturing high-level views of the enterprise business model.
• Ability to review and assess proposed and current projects for adherence to AWS architecture standards.

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