Apprentices are usually entry level fresh graduates who work with experienced employees to gain job-specific skills and qualifications.

Anyone over 16 years-old and not in full-time education can apply for an apprenticeship in their respective profession.

The duration of any apprenticeships can vary between one to four years depending on the level of apprenticeship, the ability of applicant and the industry sector.

In any apprenticeship cover letter or application letter you will require to show that you are a dedicated individual who is fully aware of his or her obligations. You also need to demonstrate that you will be happy to work as m member of a team as well as individually using your own ideas.

How to Write an Application Letter for Apprenticeship?

The following steps will guide you with writing an effective application cover letter for apprenticeship.

1. Type your full address in the upper left corner of the application letter. Write current date immediately below your address.

2. Skip one line and type the employer’s full name. Type employer’s job title, designation, company name/address and contact information immediately below name.

3. Skip two lines, and add your salutation, such as “Dear Mr./Ms. (Employer’s last name):”. If you don’t know the recipient’s name, call the company and inquire who you should send your resume and cover letter.

4. 1st Paragraph: State your interest in the apprenticeship program. State where you heard of the apprenticeship opportunity and why you want to achieve in your field. Convey your full interest and enthusiasm for entering the field. You may also mention your specific interest to prospective company and the job, and include relevant skills and qualities that you’ll bring to the employer.

5. Body: Write one or two paragraphs to describing your relevant experience and trainings which will be valuable for the company.

6. Last paragraph: Once again, mention your enthusiasm for the apprenticeship position. Give your expected follow-up action. Also ask that he contact you to talk about your qualifications in more detail. Thank the employer for his time

7. Sign-off using “Sincerely,”, skip three lines for signature and type your name.

8. Mention “Enc: Resume” at the bottom.

You may search for apprenticeship cover letter samples on our website to get samples and more ideas.