Diesel Mechanic Apprenticeship Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: November 21, 2015

Lassoing the hiring manager’s attention is very important in diesel mechanic apprentice cover letter writing. The message that you want to communicate to the hiring manager is only possible through good content writing. Consider this statement by Kermit Frog:

“Time flies when you are having fun.”

You have heard it hundreds of times. Now read this one:

“Time’s fun when you’re having flies.”

Have you heard this one? Bet you haven’t! But can you imagine what this sentence will do to a hiring manager? Make him jump in his seat and laugh! And be intrigued enough to try and discover what else you have written in the cover letter!

We are not suggesting that you use quotes in your diesel mechanic apprenticeship cover letter. The purpose of this example is to explain the effect that “out there” statements have on hiring managers. When we write something that a hiring manager isn’t expecting to read, it makes a greater impact than a standard one. You can use a variety of approaches such as riding on the tails of personal connections, responding to the requirements of the job and creating drama with words that intrigue and excite.

The techniques is up to you. But the end result should be one that gives your cover letter the zing quality. Try it! You can use the following cover letter sample for a diesel mechanic apprentice position:


Diesel Mechanic Apprenticeship Cover Letter Sample


Nigel Hall
Birmingham, AL 51254

November 21, 2015

Mr. Peter Parker
Hiring Manager
First Group
896 Howle Road
Birmingham, AL 56217


Dear Mr. Parker:

Your speech at The Mechanics’ Guild was inspiring. Soon, I will have completed my certification in diesel technology, just in time for your entry-level openings at First Group. If hired, I can make an immediate and valuable contribution as a diesel apprentice, owing to:

• Exceptional ability to handle diesel engine lubrication and parts replacement work
• Demonstrated expertise in utilizing vehicle computer electronics systems to interpret failure modes and initiating repairs
• Unmatched ability to perform both preventative and regular maintenance on diesel engines and parts to ensure their longevity
• Proficient in maintaining a clean and safe workplace in accordance to OSHA standards

Recognizing that your time is valuable and that you may be difficult to reach, I will contact your secretary to set a convenient time for us to meet. In the interim, I can be contacted at (111) 111-1111 or nigelhall @ myemail. com.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Nigel Hall

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