IT Business Analyst Skills for Resume

Updated on: November 6, 2019

No skills as an IT business analyst means no job for you.

But since it is not possible for someone to be unskilled when they reach this position, it is only a matter of how you offer information about your skills in a resume.


The good thing about most resume formats is that they have a ready skills section for you to work with. In this section, you can effectively highlight your knowledge of working as an IT business analyst.

For example, your ability to review business requirements, and translate them into technology needs should go into at least one statement in the skills section.

How many skills should one put in?

As many as possible and are relevant to an IT business analyst position.


But make sure that you highlight the ones that make the most impact. The main idea is to show the hiring manager that you are capable of doing the job well.

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Some skills statements particular to an IT business analyst resume are provided here:


IT Business Analyst Skills for Resume

• Track record of effectively translating emerging customer needs and technologies into actionable business terms and associated plans

• Excellent strengths in performing testing and post-production validation, and act as a liaison between business units and information technology departments

• Knowledge of designing and administering the application and end-user standards and policies

• Exceptionally talented in providing a high level of expertise to the development of fully integrated testing scenarios

• Committed to ensuring the appropriate connection between the organization’s business and information technology needs

• Focused on identifying, investigating, tracking, and resolving complex project and system or application errors

• Adept at determining and designing end-user training for applications and systems

• Proficient in creating custom solutions and designing process improvements leveraging simple to complex technology solutions

• Particularly effective in maintaining and managing policies and procedures for operational purposes

• Documented success in creating system models, specifications, and requirements to provide direction to system programmers

• Unmatched ability to support the roadmap of IT deliverables that meet the company’s technology and business objectives and goals

• Hands-on experience in shepherding requirements from ideation through development

• Competent in reviewing, analyzing, and evaluating business systems and user needs

• Demonstrated ability to analyze technical specifications in order to generate functional requirements

• Proven knowledge of managing and leading delivery of technical components and coordinating and communicating status

• Skilled in driving the resolution and troubleshooting of issues during development and post-production support

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