IT Business Analyst Cover Letter Sample

Updated November 6, 2019

Writing a cover letter to apply for an IT business analyst position is tough on many levels.

For one, you have to develop a way to reach out to the hiring authority in a proper manner. Then, you must think of many ways to impress him or her.


Now, this may be tough, but it is not impossible. In fact, you can write an excellent IT business analyst cover letter if you possess knowledge of how to research the position.

Looking for ways to impress a hiring manager is step one. You must find out what he or she requires so that you can write a killer cover letter.

In addition, your cover letter should include phrases that hit the hiring manager hard.

These would include information about your capabilities in an IT and business administration capacity, amongst other things.


A cover letter sample for this position is provided here:


IT Business Analyst Cover Letter Example


Theo Grant
(000) 197-9120

November 6, 2019

Mr. Jimmy Carter
Human Resources Manager
Network Experts
958 Balt Road
Fairmont, WV 28464


Dear Mr. Carter:

As a results-oriented IT business analyst, with 10+ years of experience, I am a perfect fit for the IT Business Analyst position at Network Experts. At this point in time, I am focused on generating your interest in my profile, which I am sure will eventually provide your organization with great benefit.

Some of the main reasons that I believe this is so are listed here:

• SPecial talent for collaborating with managers on all roadmap deliverables.
• Demonstrated expertise in reviewing and evaluating software in order to determine its usefulness.
• Expert at leading and coordinating projects to assist in evaluating the potential for automated existence.
• Excellent skills in analyzing new business requirements and translating business processes into system requirements.
• Hands-on experience in performing new system testing and effectively documenting results.

Completely convinced that I am the right person for this position, I will email your office after a few days to follow-up. If you feel the need to reach me, please call at (000) 197-9120.

I appreciate the time that you have extended in reading my application.




Theo Grant

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