Best Rehab Aide Resume Example [+Guidelines]

Updated October 23, 2022
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A resume for a rehab aide position is a marketing tool that helps you get an interview. But resumes must never be blindly written.

The first step in producing a well-written rehab aide resume is to thoroughly assess your professional abilities, technical skills, personal attributes, professional achievements, and experience.

Once you are done with this part, you can refer to the following resume sample to help you organize this information:

Sample Resume for Rehab Aide Position

Charles Faulkner
8858 Hooper Drive
Selma, AL 66301
(000) 520-8073
charliefaulkner @ email . com


Performance Profile / Performance Summary

Rehab aide with over 6 years of successful track record of providing services and assisting health care professionals in a busy hospital and clinical setting. Highly skilled in working in sync with clients’ therapy programs, assisting therapists and other healthcare professionals in preparing treatment areas, and educating clients about rehabilitation programs and therapies that they need to go through.
Competent in preparing patients for physical therapy treatments, and assisting therapists during the administration of specified treatment. Safeguard, motivate and assist clients in practicing exercises and functional activities.

Professional Skills

✓ Treatment Assistance ✓ Client Education
✓ Electrical Simulation ✓ Equipment Operations
✓ Inventory Handling ✓ Transfer Assistance
✓ Client Positioning ✓ Equipment Maintenance
✓ Wheelchair Assistance ✓ Infection Control Policies
✓ Administrative Support ✓ Chart Maintenance

Selected Accomplishments

• Successfully rehabilitated a child with a chronic disease, who had been shunned by doctors as untreatable.
• Wrote a short booklet on rehab equipment use and outcomes of rehabilitation services, as part of the client education program.
• Provided assistance to 4 clients simultaneously in the absence of rehab aid.
• Introduced the concept of preventative maintenance, increasing the life of therapy equipment.

Professional Experience

Rehab Aide
Sharp Healthcare, Selma, AL
8/2013 – Present
• Greet clients and verify their identities to ensure that the right client is scheduled for the right type of therapy
• Engage clients in conversation to make them feel comfortable and to provide them with heads-up on procedures
• Provide clients with detailed information on what to expect during therapy sessions and ensure that they understand the outcome of each therapy cycle
• Prepare clients for sessions or procedures, by providing them with the right attire and ensuring that any unpermitted items (such as jewelry) are taken off
• Assist therapists by positioning clients appropriately, in sync with the requirements of each therapy program
• Provide support to therapists in operating equipment for therapy and keeping clients steady and occupied during sessions
• Create and maintain records of each therapy session, ensuring that all relevant information is included in clients’ charts
• Perform regular and preventative maintenance on therapy equipment and ensure that supplies inventory is properly maintained

Rehabilitation Volunteer
Allina Health, Selma, AL
2/2011 – 8/2013
• Assisted in preparing patients for rehabilitation procedures and therapy processes
• Created and maintained patients’ charts reflecting their progress and limitations
• Educated patients about the importance of rehabilitation services and possible outcomes
• Prepared treatment rooms, ensuring that all supplies and equipment are in place
• Ensured the cleanliness and maintenance of therapy equipment on a regular basis


High School Diploma
Selma High School, Selma, AL – 2009