Physical Therapy Aide Resume No Experience

Updated April 5, 2019

A Physical Therapy Aide resume is a snapshot of your skills, experiences, and qualifications that you offer to a prospective employer.

It takes less than a minute for an employer to go through each resume. Between this timeframe, they decide if you will be called in for an interview or not.


Since the purpose of a Physical Therapy Aide resume is to land an interview, it needs to effectively communicate who you are and how you can help the employer reach their goals – even at the entry level.

If you are writing a resume for a physical therapy aide position (and have no prior experience), your resume needs to come on top of other candidates.

Your first impression should be positive enough for an employer to call you in for an interview instantly.



As you are an entry-level Physical Therapy Aide with no hands-on experience, you have to be extra careful of how you portray yourself.

It is now time to look at the resume of a physical therapy aide (someone who is applying for a first job), to understand what we mean:

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Physical Therapy Aide Resume No Experience



Raina Davis
763 Rice Road, Antioch, TN 62121
(000) 965-5256

Physical Therapy Aide

An adaptable and ambitious individual with a deep knowledge of modern physical therapy procedures. Proven patient service skills and a thorough understanding of observing patients and noting their status. Well-versed in cleaning treatment areas, washing linens and setting up therapy equipment. Expert in performing clerical tasks, answering phones and scheduling patients. A good communicator who has exceptional people skills.


  • In-depth knowledge of preparing patients for physical therapy sessions and providing them with education on processes.
  • Familiar with diseases and disabilities that warrant different types of physical therapy procedures.
  • Well versed with active and passive therapeutic exercises and massages.
  • Able to physically handle disabled patients and coordinate treatment plans in accordance with patient condition and diagnosis.


• Patient care
• Medical terminology
• Clinic correspondence
• Rehabilitation
• Equipment operation
• Patient scheduling
• Anatomy/physiology
• Therapeutic exercise
• HIPPA compliance


Physical Therapy Aide Program
The Rehabilitators, Antioch, TN | 2019

High School Diploma
Reddit High School, Antioch, TN | 2018


Volunteer (Physical Therapy)
Rehabilitation Point, Antioch, TN | 6/2017 to 9/2017

  • Assisted patients in understanding physical therapy procedures by providing them with education.
  • Provided support in setting up examination and therapy rooms.
  • Set up treatment equipment and made sure that it is in proper working condition.
  • Observed patients during sessions and provided feedback to the physical therapist regarding patient response or discomfort.
  • Scheduled appointments and followed up with patients for subsequent appointments.
  • Ensured the cleanliness and sanitation of work areas and therapy rooms.

• MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Excellent references available



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