Gate Agent Resume Sample

Updated on: April 27, 2018


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Gate Agent Resume Example



Nicholas Cage
560 Blyton Road, Gary, IN 58700
(000) 999-9999


Exceptionally talented gate agent with over six years of experience in working at busy airports, and assisting passengers with their queries. Competent at directing passengers to air terminal facilities, to ensure their convenience. Able to examine tickets to ensure they contain the right information regarding seats and flights.
Assists the elderly, disabled, or young passengers to board and depart from aircraft.


Passenger Assistance Flight Announcement Flight Information Posting
Passenger Direction Check-in Assistance Baggage Support
Air Freight Management Communication Arrivals/Departures
Deplaning and Enplaning Elderly Assistance Seat Assignment

• Implemented a unique seat assignment system, which proved to be 50% more efficient than the one already in place.
• Streamlined the deplaning and enplaning systems, ensuring that chances of associated problems were minimized.
• Successfully assisted over 100 passengers within 2 hours, during an instance of an extreme rush.
• Introduced a system to channelize passengers according to their boarding pass types, resulting in a decreased rush at each gate.


Gate Agent
Air Serv, Gary, IN | 2010-Present
• Greet passengers as they arrive at their assigned gates, and ask to look into their tickets and boarding passes.
• Check travel documents to ensure that passengers are on the right flight, and boarding on time.
• Provide passengers with information on assigned gates, and how to get to them use walkways and directions.
• Open gates to allow passengers on the jetways, and perform exit greeting according to specified protocols.
• Assist the elderly and the disabled by providing them with wheelchair assistance.
• Announce flight information, by making appropriate use of the public address system.
• Provide support to unassisted minors, and passengers with special needs, and resolve any concerns that they may have.
• Ensure that any obvious nefarious activities or suspicious persons are communicated to the terminal manager.

American Airlines, Gary, IN | 2002-2010
• Assisted passengers with their luggage, by placing it on conveyor belts for booking purposes.
• Issued tags to passengers for their hand and booked luggage, after ensuring that the information in it is correct.
• Assisted passengers in determining hand luggage weights and figuring out if they should be booked.
• Educated passengers about which gates they need to move towards, for enplaning purposes.
• Ensured that records of all issued tags are maintained according to set protocols.

Gary High School, Gary, IN
High School Diploma