Gate Agent Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: April 27, 2018

Cover letter writing has evolved so much over the years, that there are times when one fails to understand what to put in them.

At one time, it was alright to place information of your experience in a Gate Agent cover letter and let the hiring manager remain in awe of the vastness of it.

Now, things have changed. You cannot merely provide information about your experience, and expect to get away with it. Hiring managers of today require more than your experience.

So, what is it that hiring managers look for in a cover letter?

Prospective employers need to know that you are the best person for a job, which is why you must provide them with some interesting facts about yourself as a professional.

You need to understand that your role in a company is essential, so you have to communicate it to the hiring manager that you are ready to handle the intricacies associated with it.

For a gate agent position, the following cover letter sample says it all:


Gate Agent Cover Letter Example



April 27, 2018

Mr. Charles Keith
Human Resource Manager
American Airlines
624 Billiard Avenue
Fort Wayne, IN40332


Dear Mr. Keith:

This letter and the attached resume are in response to your advertisement for a gate agent position at American Airlines. I have been through the job description which you have posted quite extensively, and I am confident that I fill each requirement perfectly. With over 3 years of experience in a gate agent capacity, I am sure that my expertise will be a welcome addition to your organization.

Checking and verifying ticket and boarding pass information to ensure that passengers board the right plane is all in a day’s work for me. Providing assistance with passenger enplaning and deplaning, and ensuring their comfort and wellbeing throughout is one of my strong points. Furthermore, I have developed exceptional expertise in handling public address systems, to announce flight information, and have been responsible for updating flight statuses on flight boards.

Moreover, you will find me to be exceptionally talented in escorting passengers to and from flights, especially the elderly and the disabled, with whom I have had considerable experience. In my present place of work, I have devised and implemented a system which ensures that unaccompanied minors are provided with great deplaning and enplaning support, which has earned the airline an excellent reputation.

Confident that meeting with me will provide you with a more comprehensive view of my expertise in the role of a gate agent, I will contact you soon to arrange an interview date and time. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.




Diane Douglas

(000) 569-9656