Freight Broker Resume Objectives

Updated on March 7, 2019

Freight Broker Resume Objectives Tips

An objective for a freight broker resume needs to be exceptionally well-written.

After all, you must convince the hiring manager that you are the best out there. This is no small feat. There may be many choices to hire a freight broker, and if your resume does not stand out, you may have a problem.

The best way to make your resume stand out is to make sure that the objective is perfectly written.

Your knowledge of freight brokering should be made obvious.

Specifically, your ability to choose the right vendors, and negotiate contracts has to be mentioned.

Many of us believe that boasting in a resume objective will have a negative impact. No. It won’t.

In fact, you have a better chance of being chosen if you boast a little.

As far as a freight broker’s resume objective is concerned, your main concern should be to encourage the recruiter to keep reading.

Some examples of resume objectives for a freight broker resume are provided here:

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Freight Broker Resume Objectives

• Seeking a position as a Freight Broker at PNG Logistics utilizing skills in planning and coordinating freight schedules according to shipment types. Highly skilled in managing multiple deliveries, processing spot requests, and developing new sales strategies in order to improve business.

• Looking for a Freight Broker position at Comcar Industries employing demonstrated expertise in communicating with shippers and freight carriers to ensure that freight moves in a quick and accurate manner. Deeply familiar with assuming the responsibility of every step of freight processing.

• Desire a Freight Broker position at Cater Logistics. Offering exceptional proficiencies in transmitting freight from one location to another. Documented success in effectively and efficiently scheduling pick-up and delivery appointments and carrier information is complete and accurate.

• To obtain a position as a Freight Broker at Stevens Transport by offering benefits of experience in creating and maintaining liaison with vendors and shippers. Demonstrated ability to determine shipment methods, and prepare documents such as bills of lading, and invoices.

• To work as a Freight Broker Pro Star Logistics Services. Eager to apply well-placed skills in building and maintaining an approved brokerage carrier network, as well as working with customer services to provide continuous support.

• Resourceful, meticulous, and industrious Freight Broker with 5+ years of experience. Presently seeking a position at Global Logistics Group by offering knowledge of monitoring brokerage load statuses, and scheduling transport of items in an efficient manner.

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