Financial Aid Advisor Resume Sample

Updated on: July 30, 2021

The purpose of writing a financial aid advisor’s resume is to get a job interview.

It should be written in a way that effectively communicates your relevant talents which makes you a good choice for the financial aid advisor position.

Here is an example:

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Sample Resume for Financial Aid Advisor Position

Gerald Reed
7256 Nicholson Lane, Rockville, MD 30528
(000) 141-7454 
gerald.reed @ email . com


Results-oriented financial aid advisor with 6+ years of hands-on experience in advising students about all aspects of student financial aid programs and processes. Solid track record of effectively interpreting regulatory criteria and standards to meet compliance requirements. Known for researching, developing, and analyzing departmental processes to improve operational efficiency. Effectively conducts needs analysis to determine the relative eligibility of each financial aid applicant.

• Financial Aid Counseling • Eligibility Assessment
• Progress Evaluation • Aid Policies Development
• Conflict Resolution • Documentation Management
• Scholarship Processing • Student Employment Programs


Financial Aid Advisor
Lincoln Technical Institute, Rockville, MD
(6/2012 to Present)
Key Achievements
• Successfully processed 89 out of 95 requests for financial aid, resulting in a high number of students receiving financial aid for further studies.
• Introduced 14 student employment programs that contribute immensely to lessening the burden of financial aid applications.
• Investigated a particularly shady applicant and successfully discovered that he had already been granted financial aid.
Key Responsibilities
• Confer with students to determine their financial aid needs and provide them with information on different avenues to gain it.
• Respond to questions put forward by parents and students in writing, over the telephone, or in person.
• Design, develop and implement outreach programs to provide information on available financial aid sources to eligible students.
• Assist applicants in filling out forms to apply for financial aid and provide them with information on process time and procedures.
• Provide loan and indebtedness counseling to students individually and in groups.

Financial Aid Advisor Assistant
Some College, New Jersey, NJ
(11/2009 to 6/2012)
Key Achievements
• Initiated the concept of outreach programs, resulting in a viable data bank of the eligible students that fits financial aid criteria.
Key Responsibilities
• Developed working comprehension of student financial aid programs.
• Maintained financial aid archives.
Conducted verification of student and parent application data in compliance with federal criteria.
• Followed up on applications to determine their status and provide feedback to applicants.
• Created a special quota for students with special needs and provide them with assistance in gaining financial aid.
• Monitored academic progress of students eligible to receive financial aid.
• Counseled students by providing them with information on the various available financial aid avenues.
• Assisted students in filling out forms for financial aid, scholarships and grants.
• Verified student applicants’ backgrounds and eligibility for financial aid.
• Followed up on submitted applications to determine their status and provided feedback to applicants.
• Created and maintained records of student applicants by following strict standards of accuracy and confidentiality.

Bachelor’s Degree in Finance
Maryland State University, Los Angeles, CA – 2005

• Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint)
• Internet Savvy