Administrative assistants work in a variety of settings and responsible for performing almost the similar tasks. They provide secretarial and clerical support so that the operations of an office run smoothly. Specifically, they manage correspondence, maintain office files, handle mail, take minutes of the meeting and coordinate repairs. They may also be expected to maintain records and perform research work as required.

People applying for this position need to first understand what this position entails. Since there is no formal training is required for this position, it is up to the candidate to ensure that they know what employer is expecting – although employers prefer people who have degree in business or related field.

Administrative assistants need to be skilled in the field that they are working in. They are usually considered to be jacks-of-all-trades and are expected to multitask because the need to juggle several tasks at the same time is eminent. Additionally, they are required to possess excellent communication skills and exceptional telephone etiquette.

Significance of Profile / Summary Section of Administrative Assistant’s Resume

The first few lines of an administrative assistant resume count. Similar to an advertisement, a resume needs to catch the interest of the reader in the first few seconds. Resumes are usually skimmed and hiring managers spend approximately 10-20 seconds deciding whether your resume goes into the ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’ pile.

A profile or summary statement is the opening of your resume and has a different focus. Instead of an objective statement, a profile or summary clearly mentions, “What I offer.” It usually detail three to four major skills of applicant.

Administrative Assistant Resume Profile Examples

• Top-performing administrative professional with 7-plus-year track record in customer service, record keeping and general office management. Proficient in providing support to executives, taking minutes, handling appointments and messages, and writing correspondence. Strong background in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. An expert communicator who is known for multitasking and completion of assigned tasks within deadline. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

• Proactive and highly skilled Administrative Assistant with 3 years’ hands-on experience working in diverse office environments. A team player who works collaboratively, and effectively communicates with all levels of staff. Documented success in using MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and QuickBooks.

• Enthusiastic self-starter with strong background in performing clerical and secretarial tasks using exceptional communication and customer service acumen. Proven academic and professional achiever who possesses unique computer skills required to assist the executives and organization to achieve its mission.

• Experienced and results-oriented Administrative Assistant with proven abilities in developing positive relationships with clients and coworkers. Interested in a similar opportunity with company where exceptional secretarial, computer and customer service skills will be fully utilized.

• Highly-motivated, and energetic Administrative Assistant who strives to ensure that all tasks are successfully accomplished within time. Demonstrated ability to:

-­ Manage stocks and inventory
­ – Order supplies
­ – Facilitate event registration
­ – Maintain accounting files
­ – Update mailing lists
­ – Support other departments
­ – Provide excellent customer services