Child life specialists work with children and their families in order to provide counseling services when a child is going through crises such as a health condition or social trauma.

People working at this position are highly qualified counselors and usually possess a degree in child psychology.

Below is a resume sample that you can use in order to apply for Child Life Specialist job.




Sample Resume for Child Life Specialist

Aiden Hade

9216 Percheron Road, Chelmsford, MA 66663
(000) 999-9999, Email

OBJECTIVE: Looking for a position as a Child Life Specialist with Advise Us utilizing brilliant educational background in child psychology and experience in managing inner conflicts in order to manage a healthy mental life for children.

• 6+ years’ progressive experience in child and parents counseling
• Functional knowledge of facilitating orientation, adjustment and support for patients
• Highly skilled in providing medical procedure preparation, support and accompaniment
• Well versed in modeling developmentally appropriate interactions for patients
• Hands on experience in assisting children and families overcome traumatic physical and mental experiences

• Conducted several workshops on Child Trauma Care in order to bring about awareness for the masses
• Handled multiple cases of extreme health trauma by assisting children with day to day living and functioning education


Child Life Specialist | Child Health Care, Chelmsford, MA | March 2007 – Present

• Manage initial assessment and patient activity programs
• Follow developed medical regime
• Utilize safe treatment techniques
• Develop therapeutic relationships with patients
• Plan activities for assigned developmental age appropriate groups
• Evaluate group and individual effectiveness of treatment
• Manage interactive programs for patients

Bachelor’s of Child Psychology
University of Manchester, Chelmsford, MA

• Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills
• Demonstrated ability to maintain confidentiality of information
• Ableto relate well with a diversity of people
• Excellent organizational skills