Project Administrator Resume Sample

Updated on: August 22, 2022

A resume for a project administrator position is the reflection of a job seeker. And creating a positive reflection is important here.

When you write a resume, your main focus should be on what kind of an impression it makes on the person reading it.

The first and foremost thing that an employer will look for in a resume is relevant information. If they see that, they are sure to consider you for the job.

Here is a sample resume that is reflective of a project administrator’s skills and qualifications:

Project Administrator Resume Sample

Mia Cooper

4066 Treaty Road | Butler, PA 55885
(000) 547-3020
miacooper @ email . com

Self-motivated, confident, and creative.

Results-oriented project administrator with 6+ years of successful experience in providing executive administrative support to multiple projects at the same time. Known to uphold the standards of projects, exercise discretion, and maintain a high level of professionalism. Works extremely well in a fast-paced multicultural environment through advanced communication skills. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

• Highly skilled in planning financial budgets and coordinating with teams to acquire work-in-progress updates.
• Demonstrated expertise in monitoring the progress of the project, placing special attention on timelines and deadlines
• Hands-on experience in providing support in developing and maintaining detailed project plans
• Proven record of effectively managing project training modules, by remaining within budgetary constraints
• Effectively able to monitor project performance and gauge additional administrative requirements

• Successfully brought 3 projects to fruition simultaneously within the provided deadline.
• Proved to be invaluable to the project planning phases of 5 projects, owing to extensive administrative and coordination support provided.
• Singlehandedly created a needs assessment protocol, which dynamically determined the requirements of each assigned project.
• Saved the company $50000 by suggesting acquiring internal logistical help for a detailed project, instead of bringing onboard a services company.


Project Administrator
Wika Group, Butler, PA
Aug 2017 – Present
• Set up and maintain job site offices and assist team members by providing them with project support.
• Prepare project budgets and report the status of budgets on a periodic basis.
• Review expenditures for each program module and devise ways of decreasing them.
• Act as a point of contact for explaining company policies and procedures regarding each project.
• Investigate facility conditions and identify opportunities for improving facility operations.
• Ascertain that projects run in compliance with the company’s requirements.
• Maintain and integrate project plans and track and report overall progress.
• Plan and schedule resources for multiple projects and perform correlating quality reviews.

Project Coordinator
UNDP, Butler, PA
Feb 2013 – Aug 2017 
• Coordinate activities and resources for each project and liaise with clients to identify and define project requirements.
• Monitor and track project progress and handle any issues that may arise.
• Use project management tools to ensure that working hours and plans are properly managed.
• Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation and ensure that proper reports are generated.
• Assist in the preparation of project proposals and timeframes, along with handling schedules and budgets.

Bachelor of Business Administration
Queens University, Orlando, FL – 2006


  • Needs Determination
  • Project Support
  • Budgeting
  • Module Review
  • Vendor Liaison
  • Correspondence Handling
  • Departmental Coordination
  • Project Planning
  • Changes Recommendations
  • Conflict Resolution