In order to work as an inventory associate, you should have an excellent memory, time management skills, compassion and a friendly nature to deal and work with different people. Experience will definitely be a plus point.

The vital role in an inventory associate job application is played by a well-written and targeted cover letter. A cover letter for an inventory associate position gives you a chance to show your abilities in a concise manner and to tell the reader of your potential. In fact, a cover letter revolves around the skills which prospective employer want to see in a candidate.

The following cover letter sample for Inventory Associate Resume is designed to assist you in your job application process.


Inventory Associate Cover Letter Sample


2580 Example Street #77D
Boise, ID 58552

October 26, 2016

Mr. John Doe
WIS International
192 Street,Grasselli
Boise, ID 58774


Dear Mr. Doe:

Your advertisement for Inventory Associate position caught my attention because my background in inventory arena appear to parallel your needs. My vast experience, excellent stocking capabilities, MS Excel skills, good attention to detail and a high degree of enthusiasm, makes me a perfect contender.

I have worked in inventory management field for more than 5 years. Through my experiences, I developed expertise in management of inbound as well as outbound stock, development and design of excel reporting spreadsheets of the inventory and stock, record keeping and cataloging. I have a full command on different kinds of inventory software and programs. Moreover, I have excellent time management skills and a track record of communicating and working with co-workers and clients effectively.

I am confident that my skills and experiences well equip me for success as your Inventory Associate. My resume is enclosed for your review. I will call your office next week to follow-up and to know about the possibility of an interview at your convenience. I can also be reached at (000) 633-5214 or via email at [Email Address].

Thank you for your kind consideration.



Sara Johnson