The reason that there is such emphasis placed on the skills section in a resume is the fact that a skilled person does not require intensive training. Employers spend thousands of dollars and countless resources in preparing new employees for a job – and to develop their skills. If an applicant is already skilled, there is a high chance of him or her to gain the job, as the employer will not need to worry about the time and cost that will be involved in making him or her “work-ready”.

Let’s talk about what skills mean on an account coordinator resume or a cover letter. This particular section in either of these documents is extremely important. You cannot expect to convince an employer of your ability to contribute to his company’s mission if you are not even basically skilled. Believe it or not, skills sometimes matter more than experience does. When creating either a resume or a cover letter, make sure that your skills are mentioned in one way or another. In a resume, you will have to list them but in a cover letter, you pretty much have a free hand in how you present them – list or paragraph.

Whichever way you write your skills, it is imperative to make them solid pieces of information. And here is how this is done:

Account Coordinator Skills

• Competent at delivering high quality written and verbal content by exhibiting strong presentation skills
• Documented success in effectively responding to requests from team members and clients, keeping accuracy and timeliness in mind
• Exceptionally well-versed in handling social media and online communities in relation to broader media mixes
• Proficient in researching and preparing materials for new business opportunities and presentations
• Highly skilled in prioritizing work, meeting deadlines and actively communicating deliverables and project progress
• Deeply familiar with coordinating administrative tasks and projects, and ensuring appropriate task execution
• Effectively able to assist with account activities such as special and media events, media relations, social media, desk-side briefings and program implementation
• Qualified to develop and write press releases, fact sheets, media materials and byline articles
• Adept at pitching and achieving editorial placements and handle client correspondence and blog posts
• Unmatched ability to create contracts, sales kits and meeting resources from scratch
• Proven ability to build and maintain strong relationships with vendors and suppliers to ensure timely and accurate delivery of required supplies
• Track record of effectively managing vendor libraries and handle new venue research activities
• Deeply familiar with initiating estimate revisions for client approvals, and disseminating project direction as required