Following are some special skills and qualifications for a daycare worker resume.

You may select some of these statements for your resume which are most relevant to employer’s needs.


Daycare Worker Skills for Resume

• Proven ability to ensure children are safe and have good behavior

• In-depth knowledge of arranging and taking part in indoor and outdoor plays

• Able to change diapers of infants and toddlers by following proper health guidelines

• Comprehensive knowledge of teaching children regarding good health and personal habits; eating, resting, and toileting

• Highly skilled in reading to children and instruct simple painting, drawing, games, hand work, and songs

• Substantial knowledge of keeping records of child’s development and talk about child’s requirements with guardians

• Committed to manage children with special needs and medical conditions

• Proven record of teaching children to share and to be giving, tolerant, and understanding of others

• Thorough understanding of preparing and serving meals and drinks to children

• Demonstrated ability of guiding and correcting children when needed