Position Overview

Computer Technician provide first-line technical support to computer users which are facing difficulties with computer hardware, software applications and peripheral devices. They are employed by software development companies, computer hardware manufacturers and retailers, in call centers and in information technology departments of private and public sectors. They also work for independent technical support companies or they might be freelancers.

When writing a cover letter for a computer technician resume, keep in mind that this is the first and final document which will prove your candidacy for the job and will help keeping your resume on the table of the employer.


Computer Technician Cover Letter Sample


655 Example 5th Street
San Diego, CA 62554

January 30, 2016

Ms. Belly Smith
Senior Manager
LPL Financial Services
33 Some Street
San Diego, CA 65228


Dear Ms. Smith:

Your Computer Technician position demands the skills, qualifications, and technical knowledge that I have developed during 3 years’ work experience as a freelance PC Technician. A computer science graduate along with A+ and MCITP certifications, I am eager to leverage my talents and experience to contribute to your bottom-line.

Based on my understanding of your position and LPL Financial Services, here are the aspects of my background that seem most relevant to meet your needs:

• Hands-on experience in installing and troubleshooting windows/Linux and software applications
• Demonstrated ability to make sure the antivirus is installed on every system, properly configured, frequently updated and working properly on all computers and servers
• Highly skilled in checking and installing LAN via UTP and handling backup logs
• Able to perform routine network maintenance tasks

As you are looking for a Computer Technician who can become accustomed and contribute to your different IT projects, I hope you will consider my qualifications and credentials. I will contact you next week to follow-up on my application and possibly arrange an interview. In the mean time, I can be contacted at (000) 987-4532 or via email at john @ email . com.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



John Smith

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