Cover letters do not have to be boring reads. A cover letter can be the most interesting piece of writing that a hiring manager has ever read, provided you write it in an engaging manner. Beginning the cover letter on the right foot is exceptionally important to its success. How you open your cover letter […]

Guidelines Passing the screening is very important for your resume. And in order for your resume to be made screen-able, it has to provide a certain quality. With the popular ATS system taking charge of resume and cover letter screening, things are becoming more and more difficult for candidates. If your resume does not pass […]

How much truth is in the following statement? A cover letter is your chance to discuss your personal life and feelings. There is absolutely no truth in this statement. A resume should be enough space to talk about your professional and personal life. A cover letter should talk about your intended employer, and how he […]

  Staffing consultant resumes are certainly not old hat. They are very much “in” and they make a great contribution to the job application set. There is no way that you can give up writing a resume and carry the entire load of an employment marketing presentation without it. Resumes are here to stay, that […]

Guidelines The right opening, followed by the right format is what makes cover letters a treat to read. When you fail to start off your cover letter on the right foot, you automatically fail the employer’s first test. Hiring managers / employers have great expectations when they pick up a cover letter, and while they […]

  Technology and human antidote – both need to be evident in school crossing guard resumes. Since you have no choice but to use technology to create a resume, it is best if you put a personal touch in it. Believe it or not, many candidates resort to generating resumes through automated systems (software), which […]

Position Overview A school crossing guard is an individual hired specifically for his or her services in helping school children cross streets safely. He or she is responsible for ensuring that traffic is managed properly during school hours and that students are made aware of hazards that may be posed to them when crossing the […]