Position Overview One often sees but refuses to acknowledge the work of a facilities manager, who works extremely hard to make sure that a building assigned to him or her works in tandem with all procedures and protocols. Typically, a facilities manager makes sure that all services and amenities that help a business operate properly […]

Conducting research on the employer for whom you will eventually (hopefully) work is of great importance. When you know what type of an organization you are working for, it becomes easy for you to ace an interview, as you can gauge what kind of a person they are looking for. Reviewing common interview questions, and […]

Once you receive notification that says that you have been accepted for a position for which you spent a great amount of time and effort, you will need to sign an acceptance letter. The offer letter that you receive along with the acceptance letter, will hold details of your salary and benefits. Signing the acceptance […]

There may have been times when you got so frustrated with your cover letter writing endeavors that you decided to just leave it all! That is natural, especially when you are trying your best to write something that will make you an excellent candidate, but you fail every time. What does one do? Firstly, sit […]

  There are different ways to write a resume for hotel general manager position – depending on the many factors that impact resume writing. These may include levels of experience and age factors which are usually prime concerns of resume writers. But whatever your age or experience level is, the basic resume remains the same. […]

Resume objective – this part of the resume is usually riddled with confusion. Since it is the beginning of a resume, we often become somewhat unsure of how to proceed with it. After all, making a positive first impression is of great importance here. Let’s start at the beginning. What is a resume objective and […]

When you are applying for a position at the top of the organizational hierarchy, it is most important to articulate your skills in a resume – and the cover letter. For instance, if you are applying for a position as a hotel general manager, you will need to really convince a hiring manager that you […]