Position Overview An armed security guard is an individual who has a license for carrying arms such as guns and revolvers, and uses them if the need arises. These people are required to perform their work in settings that may be highly dangerous, or have the potential to be dangerous. An armed security guard is […]

  As a comprehensive document, your resume needs to say a lot about what you have been doing before you applied for a governess job. The governess resume which you build has to be “smart”. This means that it should be able to speak to the employer in a way that he or she deems […]

Hiring managers work day in and out to pick out the perfect governess – and most of the picking out is done through a cover letter. This is why such emphasis is placed on writing a cover letter that speaks to the employer on many levels. A governess cover letter must never be taken lightly. […]

Before you write a resume, find out what the job is all about. If for instance, you are applying for the position of a governess, it is important that you know what working as a governess is all about. Even if you have worked as one for a few years, it won’t hurt to go […]

Many employers now deem the recommendation letter an important part of a job application set. If they do not require one at the time of the application, they will definitely need it once they have decided to hire you. And your failure to provide one may end up in you not being considered for the […]

  Resumes that provide the most insight into an applicant’s ability to work are the ones that are given consideration. What should your resume for medical biller collector position include? From the summary to your education, and everything in between – such as skills, qualifications, competencies and accomplishments. Here is a sample:     Medical […]

What do you think a hiring manger wants when he picks up a cover letter? Usually, a hiring manager would want to see a document that meets all his requirements which include a prospective employee’s work skills and accomplishments. Once this is seen in a cover letter, there is no going back! At one time, […]