Youth Worker Resume No Experience

Updated on: June 17, 2019

A resume written for a youth worker position has to be excellently written so that a hiring manager can determine what you are capable of.

Typically, your resume should hold information about your ability to handle programs built for the rehabilitation of young clients.


Your skills and competencies, and any volunteer work that you may have held in the past must become part of your resume.

Also, your resume should be able to tell the hiring manager that you are the best person to hire, despite your lack of experience – of course, not in these words!

The resume should also contain information which will help a hiring authority understand what your aspirations are.

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Here is a resume sample for a youth worker who has had no previous experience:


Youth Worker Resume No Experience


Edith Cruz
42 Bane Road, Augusta, ME 37974
(000) 521-8545


Compassionate and resourceful individual, with a deep interest in assessing the needs of young individuals to aptly plan and deliver programs. Skilled in reviewing the quality of plans, and suggesting changes and modifications. Effectively able to mentor and support young individual, in order to help them reach their rehabilitation goals.

High School Diploma
Augusta High School, Augusta, ME – 2018

Academic Accomplishments

• Honored for immense support provided to a rehabilitation facility associated with the school
• Received the highest student award, for consistently high scores in all subjects
• Won 2 national essay competitions, while representing the school
• Led 4 school clubs, all of which were recognized by the local education board


– Needs Assessment
– Monitoring and Reviewing
– Outreach

– Community Programs
– Records Maintenance
– Support Provision

– Client Referrals
– Client Advocacy
– Agency Liaison


Chaddock Rehabilitation Center, Augusta, ME | 1/2019 – 4/2019

• Met with young individuals in order to identify their problems
• Engaged clients in conversation to determine their insecurities and aspirations
• Assisted in creating plans for the rehabilitation of clients
• Assessed risks and provided crises counseling
• Referred clients to appropriate specialists or agencies
• Created and maintained progress reports according to the protocol
• Arranged for food and clothing, and other resources for assigned clients

• Volunteered administrative services for the local library, in the absence of an administrative assistant
• Spearheaded a Clean Augusta campaign, which was recognized on the national level

• Fluent in 3 languages, including English, Spanish, and Cantonese

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