Child and Youth Worker Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: June 18, 2017

Resumes need a cherry on top of them to make them palatable enough for hiring managers to pick up. An objective serves as a cherry, making it easy for them to gauge what the candidate wants to communicate through a resume. Let’s not kid ourselves – resumes are cumbersome to read and aren’t exactly the most awe-inspiring of documents. Since employers are forced to read them because they have a purpose to fulfil, it is important for a candidate to give them something to think about.

A resume objective is nothing more than a few lines at the top of your main job application document, effectively highlighting your competencies, and sometimes, your accomplishments as well. When you write an objective, you should be clear about what you want to say, and how you expect it to bring results. An objective that isn’t clear – or one that is non-existent – brings no interviews. And since the main reason that you write an objective is to gain an interview opportunity, it kind of kills the purpose of writing a resume if it isn’t going to be successful.

Since every resume begins with an objective – well, it should begin with one – you have to make sure that it is profoundly written, so that it serves the purpose that it is being written for. Here are some examples of objectives for a child and youth worker resume:

Child and Youth Worker Resume Objective Examples

• Highly experienced and skilled Child and Youth Worker looking for a position at YMCA. Bringing 6 years’ hands-on experience in developing and implementing core programs to meet the needs of young people, pertaining to education, self-development, homelessness, family ties, and drug and alcohol abuse.

• Seeking a position as a Child and Youth Worker at ResCare utilizing talents in assessing the physical, mental and emotional requirements of children and young adults, and effectively arranging for them to be fulfilled through coordination of services.

• Desire a position as a Child and Youth Worker with Fairview Community and Health Services. Offering skills and abilities in assessing the needs of young people, and planning and delivering programs related to health, fitness, drug abuse, gang violence and family ties.

• To work for The City Services of Kentucky as a Child and Youth Worker. Offers 4 years’ track record of success mentoring, coaching and supporting young people in different settings.

• Uniquely qualified Child and Youth Worker with extensive exposure to planning and organizing appropriate youth and community programs, and establishing new child and youth services, looking for a position at The Community Resource Hub. Eager to apply excellently placed skills in undertaking detached outreach work, aimed at promoting young people’s interests.