6 Yard Hand Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: November 21, 2021

The fact that you have been asked to come in for an interview says a lot about your talents.

The trick is not to get frazzled at the thought of appearing for an interview.

Rather than fearing the process, prepare for it. The following set of interview questions and answers for a yard hand position will provide you with an idea about what type of questions you may be asked:

Yard Hand Interview Questions and Answers

1. What has been your experience while working as a yard hand?

I have worked in yards in many different capacities, such as warehouses and lumberyards. But the one that I took a fancy to was working in a car yard capacity. I love my work – the challenges that it poses on a regular basis make it attractive to me, as I thrive in a challenging environment.

2. In a yard hand capacity, what have been your duties in your past / present workplace?

While working as a yard hand, I have been responsible for a lot of activities such as cleaning out debris from cars before they are sent to the processing unit, pulling out batteries to be tested for reselling purposes, moving charged batteries to the retail area, dismantling tires, and pulling parts for recycling, repair, and reselling. In addition to this, I have been actively sorting and placing parts on racks and shelves, ensuring that a predetermined sequence is followed.

3. What skills do you possess which make you an excellent person to hire as a yard hand?

Over the years that I have worked as a yard hand, I have polished many of my skills and acquired many more. My present skills set includes exceptional knowledge of handling parts pulling work, managing processing units, classifying returns, and staging parts for deliveries. In addition to this, I am proficient in verifying in-stock positions on products, checking defective parts, and performing core loading and unloading duties.

4. What is the one attribute that you deem to be absolutely necessary for a yard hand to possess?

Apart from in-depth knowledge of handling a wide variety of tasks associated with yard work, a person working at this position must be physically dexterous.

5. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, where do you rate your skills in a yard hand position?

I would give myself a realistic 8, as I have a lot of experience in this regard, but also have a lot to learn.

6. Where do you want to see yourself within the next few years, professionally speaking?

I am working hard to learn the ropes of this work and see myself as a supervisor within the next few years.