Bus Conductor Resume Sample

Updated on: February 22, 2023

A bus conductor resume needs to possess all the information required to convince the employer that the applicant is perfect from all ends.

This means the resume has to include your professional information such as skills, competencies, and experience.

But not in just any way – placing information properly into the resume is half the battle won.

For a bus conductor position specifically, you need to make sure that the resume speaks volumes about your ability to collect fares and issue tickets in a proper manner.

Also, your resume must focus on your knowledge of and experience in helping passengers embark and disembark to and from the bus.

Here is a resume sample for a bus conductor position:

Bus Conductor Resume Example

Joseph Castang
Oakland, CA 08702
(000) 320-8565


Top-performing bus conductor with exceptional skills in performing a wide range of duties related to passenger assistance. Demonstrated expertise in handling fares, and ensuring passenger safety. Skilled in communicating with passengers and drivers in a cordial manner.

• Passenger Assistance
• Baggage Management
• Luggage Security
• Special Needs Passenger Handling
• Emergency Handling
• Breakdown Support

• Implemented a unique fare handling procedure, and as a result, decreased problems associated with obtaining fares.
• Introduced special needs passenger assistance, thereby, increasing the passenger base by 50%.
• Successfully navigated a long passage, hence, reducing the on-road time by 65%.
• Provided training to 10 bus conductors, as part of their induction program.


Bus Conductor
Cross Bus Services, Oakland, CA
Sep 2018 – present
• Greet passengers as they arrive at the bus, and assist them in getting on onboard
• Help passengers with luggage, ensuring it is properly secured
• Help passengers find seats, ensuring that pre-booked seats remain open
• Make sure that passengers are properly secured in their seats
• Collect bus fares from passengers and issue tickets
• Check pre-booked tickers in order to ensure their validity
• Respond to queries regarding routes and timetables
• Assist drivers with navigation, by using maps and GPS
• Handle emergencies such as passenger illnesses or accidents by employing CPR and First Aid
• Assist passengers in disembarking from buses

School Bus Assistant
St. Peter’s Elementary School, Oakland, CA
Mar 2013 – Sep 2018
• Assisted students embarking and disembarking to and from school buses
• Ensured that students’ bags and lunch boxes were properly secured
• Strapped students into their seats in order to ensure their safety
• Oversaw student well-being while they were onboarding the school bus
• Assisted in cleaning and maintaining the bus interior at the end of each shift

High School Diploma
Oakland High School, Oakland, CA – 2009

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