Social Worker Skills for Resume

Updated on April 24, 2017

Do you feel that your resume is incomplete as you go through it one last time before you send it in? What could be the problem? Did you leave out the skills section? Bang! Leaving out this section in your resume means that you are leaving out the most important part of the resume. Defining your skills in a resume is imperative if you want a hiring manager to take your case seriously.

Hiring managers are notorious for their hawk eyes. They spot a resume that is incomplete (even if the incompletion is negligible), and they get on your case. Do not give them a chance to put you down. Instead, make sure that the skills section which you do write is complete and informational. Let’s get down to what the skills section should consist of. Your ability to do things that other people cannot do as well as you can, is what makes you a class apart from others. This is the information that you have to provide in your skills section.

A skills statement can be written in many ways, depending on what it is that you want to highlight. There are two different types of skills that you can build up on – personal and work-related. The following list is an amalgamation of both for a social worker resume:

Social Worker Skills for Resume

• Skilled in engaging clients and their families in conversation to determine their backgrounds and histories.

• Effectively able to plan, coordinate, manage and implement support service plans to assist clients in dealing with difficulties and overcoming dependencies.

• Demonstrated ability to address each assigned case as a unit and set tailored measurable goals for it.

• Competent in observing clients’ behaviors, assessing their needs and creating effective and long-lasting treatment strategies.

• Adept at diagnosing psychological, behavioral and emotional disorders and creating and implementing intervention plans to deal with them.

• Proficient in creating and maintaining effective liaison with social service and community programs to ensure easy access for clients.

• Highly experienced in monitoring and evaluating clients’ progress, and ensuring that modifications are administered as necessary.

• Deep insight into cooperating with multidisciplinary teams and representing clients in courts of law.

• Competent in creating and maintaining clients’ records in an accurate and confidential manner, ensuring constant updates.

• Qualified to monitoring planned actions by performing periodic and consistent follow-up

• Ability to create and maintain effective liaison with external agencies such as social, community and health service providers.

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