Social Worker Objectives for Resume

Let’s leave the debate about whether to use a social worker resume summary or an objective behind and work with the latter for now. For an entry level position, or when you are changing career directions, it is best to use an objective. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, you do not have to write too much when you are writing an objective, allowing you to be at peace with whatever you do write. Secondly, you can get away with providing concrete information that does not require too much explanation because of the situation that you are in.

A resume objective is basically a small snippet at the beginning of your resume. This short paragraph can say a lot though. What you intend to do once you are hired, and what you have that will help you do it, is the crux of on objective. When you sit down to think about what needs to go into an objective, make sure that you think along the lines of “conciseness” and “relevance”. Both these elements need to be part of the resume objective to make it come alive. An objective that is vague and long will probably not win interviews.

The purpose of writing an objective is to entice the reader to keep reading so that the entire resume can be given a onceover. Here are some examples:

Sample Objectives for Social Worker Resume

❖ Seeking a position as a Social Worker at Medix Social Services utilizing skills in assessing clients’ situations, and providing them with avenues to obtain social, community and health services.

❖ Results-oriented Social Worker with over 10 years of experience in establishing courses of action for clients requiring social services. Deep familiarity with monitoring and evaluating clients’ progress and modifying plans to meet their dynamic needs.

❖ Desire a position as a Social Worker at Match Education. Offering a track record of success identifying clients that need help, assessing their specific situations, formulating plans to ensure delivery of services, in a bid to improve their physical and emotional wellbeing.

❖ Looking for a Social Worker position at The Helping Hands making the most of expertise in advocating for and helping clients gain access to resources that will help their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Proficient in assessing individual clients, and formulating plans of action to meet each client’s specific requirements.

❖ To obtain a position as a Social Worker with Premier Health Partners. Bringing talents in addressing each case as a unit and setting tailored measurable goals. Effectively able to monitor clients’ progresses and provide them with correlating services to help them achieve their goals.

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