Railroad Safety Inspector Cover Letter Sample

Updated on December 12, 2016

Since a huge majority of cover letters for railroad safety inspector position are submitted electronically, it is important to determine what kind of limitations you might face. For starters, spam filters on the employers’ servers may keep your cover letter from going too far. Be very careful with the message subject. Do not use unsafe words – when you are responding to a specific posting, make sure that you use the words from the original job posting. Some words that you must avoid using at all costs include free, testing, money, payment and investing. This terminology will not let you get past the spam filters.

As far as actual cover letter writing is concerned, your content should be interesting to merit a read by the hiring manager. Dry content does not win employment favors. Even if you are an amazingly fit candidate for a position, how you depict yourself matters. Your good fit may not be such a great thing if your content says otherwise. Read the job post several times before you begin writing your cover letter. Keep everything straight – use a word processor that is most common (like MS Word) and make sure that your content is properly placed and formatted.


Railroad Safety Inspector Cover Letter Sample


633 North Street
Georgetown, KY 52449

December 12, 2016

Mr. John White
Hiring Manager
Department of Transportation
633 Glass Road
Georgetown, KY 40252


Dear Mr. White:

Technology is unfortunately not strong or intelligent enough to save people from imminent disaster. Humans are. Having worked as a railroad safety inspector in 3 different capacities, I strongly believe that I have it in me to ensure complete safety of carriers and railroads, in accordance with laid down federal regulations.

The occupational disciplines that I am most proficient in include:

● Hazardous Materials
● Operating Practices
● Motive Power and Equipment
● Signals and Train Control

Here is a list (not all inclusive) of my abilities to contribute as a railroad safety inspector at the Department of Transportation:

• Experienced in determining and correcting deviations in track geometries to keep problems in underlying track structures at bay.
• Highly skilled in ensuring the equipment standards are appropriately maintained by performing required periodic inspection and maintenance of running gear.
• Demonstrated ability to oversee activities to ensure that carrier engines are free from defects that could lead to safety hazards.

There is no match for experience, especially where human safety is concerned. I bring much more than what I have outlined here. To elaborate my talents, I would like to meet with you in person. If you need any additional information regarding my suitability, please call me at (000) 333-3333.



Caleb Kamp

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