Maintenance Worker Resume Summary Examples

Updated on: November 7, 2015


A job-targeted resume summary can be a game changer when it comes to the impact your resume will have on the prospective employer. Summary is that section of your resume which was once the career objective; it is actually an evolved form of the resume objective. While the objective or career goal used to be candidate oriented, the profile summary is employer centered and unlike resume objective it enables candidacy branding while also serving as a platform to prepare the reader for what follows in further detail in the resume.

Here are a few helpful tips pertaining to effective resume summary writing:

• Act space-wise: Do not give up valuable space on your resume to highlight the information which is already there. Make sure your summary presents only highlights of the details which follow, in order to instill interest in the reader and inspire them to read on.

• Fit and condense: Analyze the position and your candidacy and then decide upon the professional skills and personal traits that make you a perfect match for the position. Condense the same into as little space as possible with economy of words.

• Summary as a branding tool: Resume is a candidacy marketing tool and must be developed just like any other marketing tool. Your candidacy being the product, you need to carefully determine your bestselling points and then devise the most effective way to highlight the same.

Maintenance Worker Resume Summary Examples

• Detail-oriented and safety minded maintenance worker with a special expertise in hazardous material spill response, fluid levels checking and routine preventive maintenance of various equipment. Remarkable knowledge of the general functioning of commonly used road and building maintenance tools and equipment.

• Adroit and industrious maintenance worker with 8+ years’ verifiable track record of delivering highly satisfactory maintenance services. Excellent physical stamina and proven ability to work outdoors in adverse weather conditions. Fully knowledgeable of various occupational hazards and adherent to recommended standard safety practices issued by OSHA.

• Highly competent and experienced maintenance with hands-on experience in road, parking and walkway maintenance. Strong communication skills coupled with proven capability of record keeping, activity report submission and management coordination. A team player who is expert in HVAC maintenance and service.

For Job Seekers with No Experience

• Vigilant, focused maintenance worker with substantial knowledge of safety guidelines associated with various equipment maintenance, especially HVAC related. Effective problem solver with profound ability to work independently or under minimum supervision.

• Highly-dependable and customer oriented maintenance worker who is adept at performing routine and preventive maintenance tasks on interior and exterior of buildings. Highly skilled professional with a demonstrated ability to work in a safety oriented manner and identify dangerous situations and take immediate remedial actions.