Lumber Yard Worker Resume Sample

Updated on: April 29, 2018

The Internet is full of 101 ways of writing a resume, yet we get confused at times.

The reason is simple.

Writing a resume is a pretty big job.

But here is a sample Lumber Yard Worker Resume to help you write one:




Lumber Yard Worker Resume Example



Frank Shefit
12 Reason Way, Omaha, NE 54892
(000) 999-9999


Physically dexterous individual, with 7+ years of experience working as a lumber yard worker. Highly efficient in sorting and racking lumber according to its grade markings and sizes. Highly skilled in positioning timber on kiln cars, ground, or shed floors, to build the foundation of lumber stacks.


Loading and Unloading Timber Positioning Stacking Protocols
Identity Tags Attaching Yard Upkeep Forklift Operations
Closing Procedures Safety Measures Inventory Management
Customer Assistance Lumberyard Management Charts Management

• Implemented a series of safety measures, which reduced onsite accidents by 70%.
• Suggested the use of identification tags, resulting in streamlining of stacking procedures.
• Developed and implemented a core inventory management system, which proved to be 75% more efficient than the one already being followed.
• Introduced safe measures to load and unload lumber from truck and cars, decreasing the accident incidents.


Lumber Yard Worker
Slandale Lumber, Omaha, NE | 2010 – Present
• Receive lumber from vendors, and ensure that it is safely and efficiently unloaded.
• Use forklifts and other machines to move lumber from delivery areas to storage areas.
• Place lumber on kiln cars, and ensure that it is appropriately stored according to protocol.
• Stack lumber by following established procedures, ensuring that it is safely fixed in place.
• Position timber on kiln cars and shed floors, aimed at building the foundation for lumber stacks.
• Create and maintain the inventory of incoming lumber, and ensure that low stock situations are communicated timely.
• Attach identification tags to each stack of lumber, according to type, and date received.
• Oversee the cleanliness and upkeep of the lumber yard, specifically in assigned areas.

NILCO, Omaha, NE | 2008 – 2010
• Assisted lumber yard workers in moving lumber from one place to another.
• Ascertained that all safety precautions were followed during the movement of lumber.
• Assisted in the stacking of lumber, by following set protocols and procedures.
• Cleaned and maintained assigned lumber yards on a consistent basis.
• Oversaw inventory levels, and communicated associated issues to the supervisor.

Omaha High School, Omaha, NE
High School Diploma