Homeless Shelter Volunteer Resume Sample

Updated on: November 28, 2021

When it is time to pen down your resume, make sure that you have a clear understanding of what the whole deal is.

What is it that you need to concentrate on in a resume?

Since work experience is not a friend at this stage, you need to determine what is.

Mention of your skills can be used to bring mileage to your resume. Previous volunteer or internship positions will also help you make a case for yourself. Capitalize on these areas when writing a resume, and you should be good to go.

A resume sample for a homeless shelter volunteer position is provided here for your reference:

Homeless Shelter Volunteer Resume Example

Amber Samson
122 Bend Lane, Boise, ID10202
(000) 999-9999


Organized, competent, resourceful, and enthusiastic individual, with an inherent interest in providing assistance to the homeless. Effectively determine the levels of required assistance, and make arrangements to ensure that they are managed according to the procedure.

• Skilled in assessing clients to determine their statutory rights for home or shelter programs.
• Deeply familiar with providing clients with assistance in determining their options, through referral systems.
• Effectively able to ensure that all clients are housed properly and that they settle appropriately.
• Focused on ensuring the mental and physical stability of clients throughout the transition period.

• Outreach Programs
• Client Monitoring
• Assessment
• Background Verification
• Crises Intervention
• Referrals Provision
• Shelter Oversight
• Client Advocacy
• Orientation

High School Diploma
St. James’ High School, Boise, ID – 2018
✓ Led a soup kitchen to provide homeless people with meals, as part of a vast school project.
✓ Consistently stood at the top of the class in an academic capacity, and qualified for the Dean’s highest academic award.


People R Us, Boise, ID         
Jun 2021 – Dec 2021
• Assisted in assessing clients to determine their eligibility for programs and their statutory backgrounds.
• Researched referral programs to assist clients in obtaining services offered by the state.
• Provided support in helping clients transition into their new homes, ensuring that they are made comfortable.
• Ensured that clients’ needs regarding everyday activities are fulfilled while remaining within the parameters of the facility protocol.

• MS Word Applications
• CRM Software
• Willing to learn new software applications

Excellent professional references available