Homeless Shelter Volunteer Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: November 28, 2021

At the time of deciding what to write in a Homeless Shelter Volunteer cover letter, it is imperative to ensure that you gather all the relevant information.

This includes details of what a hiring manager requires in an individual, and what you have to offer that correlates with those requirements.

A perfect or near-perfect match is what is going to make things roll for you.

To see what you can write in a cover letter for a homeless shelter volunteer position, have a look at the following sample:

Homeless Shelter Volunteer Cover Letter Example

November 28, 2021

Mr. Christopher Hogan
Human Resource Manager
2200 Volcano Road
Idaho Falls, ID32001

Dear Mr. Hogan:

I was quite excited about the opportunity to provide assistance to the homeless when I saw your advertisement in the newspaper. Knowing perfectly well that your requirements work extremely well with what I have to offer, I would like to offer my services in the role of a volunteer at Umbrella.

Working for your organization will not be the first time that I have worked in a volunteer/support role. During the summer holidays last year, I was fortunate enough to have obtained a similar position, where I worked diligently for 3 months to provide the homeless with shelter, through state-approved programs. Not only did I enjoy these few months providing the homeless with solutions to their problems, the sense of fulfillment that I obtained instilled in me a strong will to help further.

As an individual with exceptional patience, and a great ability to reach out to people and provide unconditional support, I will be an instant credit to your facility. Positive that my energy will be contagious, allowing other volunteers and workers to work in a manner as diligent as mine, I am sure that my addition to your team will be well-received.

I would like to meet with you in order to discuss my talents in detail. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sarah Brian

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