Dog Caretaker Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: September 15, 2019

Dog Caretaker Cover Letter Page ImageLoving dogs and taking care of them are two separate things.

If you feel that you can effectively do both, you may be on your way to work as a dog caretaker.


But first, you have to sort out your job application documents, especially the cover letter. What will you write in a cover letter to apply for this position?

Firstly, you have to show the hiring manager that you can handle the job properly.

Your skills in looking after the physical and emotional wellbeing of dogs assigned to you must be highlighted.

Also, you must offer information regarding your knowledge of looking after unwell dogs.


Administering medication, and ensuring that dogs under your care are provided with comfort and love is also an area that you have to be well-versed in.

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If working as a dog caretaker is on the cards, you may want to go through the following cover letter sample, written specially to obtain this position:

Dog Caretaker Cover Letter Sample


Lauren Keith
(000) 858-7896

September 15, 2019

Mr. Harold Walters
Human Resources Manager
Dogs Inc.
48 Rock Road
New Castle, DE 38058


Dear Mr. Walters:

It is with great excitement that I offer my services as a dog caretaker since I have a natural love for animals and can effectively look after them.

Owing to my hands-on dog care experience, I have learned much in terms of feeding, watering, and nurturing dogs so that they remain in a consistently good condition, and are happy. Also, I am competent in monitoring dogs in order to determine signs of disease or discomfort, and can effectively provide them with immediate care.

Moreover, I am qualified to administer medication to dogs, and can also handle wound care in order to ensure that injuries are properly taken care of. In addition, I am proficient in ensuring the proper cleanup and disinfection of areas where dogs are housed, and can also make minor repairs. Whipping up food items that are nutritious and filling for dogs is also an area of expertise.

It would be an absolute pleasure to meet with you to further elaborate on my skills and experiences as a dog caretaker. I will contact your office after 5 days to set up a meeting time. In the interim, please call me at (000) 858-7896, if required.

Thank you for considering my qualifications for the Dog Caretaker position.




Lauren Keith

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