Fish Cutter Resume Sample

Updated on: May 13, 2022

A fish cutter resume is a 1-page document that contains information about the job seeker’s skills and experiences.

If written dedicatedly, this document can bring many interviews and job opportunities.

How to Write a Professional Resume for Fish Cutter Job?

Here are some useful tips on how to make your resume eye-catching in order to land you your dream job.

1. Write your resume after doing some research on the prospective employer.
2. Start your fish cutter resume with an objective or summary statement.
3. Highlight your most relevant experiences.
4. Thoroughly read the fish cutter job description provided by the hiring manager, and mention your skills in accordance with the needs of the employer.
5. Make sure your resume is reader-friendly.
6. Keep your resume simple – avoid using complicated resume templates.

Here is an example to help you write a perfect resume:

Sample Resume for Fish Cutter Position

Paul Smith
344 Ivy Street, Tampa, FL 78662
(000) 852-5587
paul. smith @ email . com

Seasoned and hardworking fish cutter with 8 years of first-hand fish cutting experience. In-depth knowledge of HACCP, quality control, fish trimming, deboning and filleting. Well-versed in modern fish scale removing methods, customized cuts, and handling of modern equipment for hygienic removal of the abdominal cavity.

• Customized filleting
• Weighing and Labeling
• Wrapping and Storage
• Fillet Showcasing
• Curing and Dressing
• Scale and skin Removal


Fish Cutter
Fish Mart, Tampa, FL
March 2016 – Present
Key Accomplishments
• Carefully unloaded, cut, and trimmed fish that decreased wastage by 10% per month.
• Maintained a neat and clean workspace in accordance with the HACCP-issued standards.
• Introduced a signature fillet cut which later became a permanent feature at the mart.
Key Responsibilities
• Clean and remove scales from the fish.
• Debone and remove skin according to the customer’s preferences.
• Clean out the abdominal cavity and make sure the fish meat is healthy.
• Wrap the fish after curing.

Fish and Meat Cutter
ABC Mart, Tampa, FL
May 2013 – March 2016
Key Responsibilities
• Maintained all equipment related to fish trimming, cleaning, filleting, and storing.
• Kept the fish showcase clean and display the filleted fish with accurate labels about weight, cut, and price.
• Maintained the inventory of all sales and purchases.

High School Diploma
ABC School, Tampa, FL

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