Assembly Worker Cover Letter Sample

Updated on June 27, 2015

Laser your attention like the all-popular lightsaber on your developed abilities when you write an assembly worker cover letter and your employment success is guaranteed. No matter which niche you occupy in the workplace, mastering the skills that employers are willing to pay you for, always translate into wonderful insurance policies – designed to keep you dry during the uncertain times that recession brings.

Understanding your skills and believably writing them down in a cover letter is transformative to your job hunt. What is the pay off? Moving from the bunch of candidates to being the chosen one. Have you heard of the idiom, where there’s a skill, there is a way? Of course you haven’t because we just made it up! But it true, isn’t it? If you possess a skill or a skills set that the employer needs, your chances of employment double. But remember that skills have to be just skills and not frills – unbelievable information is not going to get you anywhere. Defining your skills is easy if you answer these in your head:

• What are you capable of doing?
• What have you directed others to do?
• What did you manage, create, approve or instigate?
• What was the outcome of your endeavors?

Answering these will automatically get you to talk about your skills in a cover letter. To give you an example, let us review the assembly worker cover letter sample below:


Assembly Worker Cover Letter Sample


David Stephan
325 Maple Street
Corinth, MS 80212
(000) 111-3333
david @ email . com

June 27, 2015

Ms. Trisha Franklin
Human Resource Manager
BC Forward
647 Mullins Drive
Corinth, MS 89023


Dear Ms. Franklin:

As my accompanying resume clearly indicates, my professional qualifications and personal strengths reveal high-end qualities from which BC Forward can benefit immediately. As an energized assembly worker with 6 years of progressive experience, commitment to work, integrity and insight into the manufacturing industry, I believe that I am exactly what your company needs.

Below is a brief overview of the value that I can bring to BC Forward if hired as an assembly worker:

• Broad experience: 6 years of competent, reliable and trustworthy assembly work experience

• Commitment to Excellence: High energy individual with deep knowledge of fabricating assemblies and subassemblies

• Quality Assurance: Exceptional determination aimed at ensuring that only qualified components are delivered to end users

I will call your office next week to confirm that I have completed the required application steps and to inquire about the selection and interview process. Until then, I can be reached at (000) 111-3333.

Thank you for your tie and consideration. I look forward to meeting with you soon.



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David Stephan

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