Assembly Line Worker Resume Objectives

Updated on: September 11, 2015

Putting an objective on your resume largely depends on the type of employer who will receive your resume. If you know for sure that the person who will decide whether you will be called in for an interview or not, doesn’t think it is passé, by all means use an objective to begin your interview. But if you have decided to use one, make sure that you write a different one for each position that you apply for.

If you have decided to make your objective a part of your resume, do not make it too long. By doing so, you are actually discouraging the reader to read the rest of your resume. And you certainly do not want to do that. Alternately, you may actually steer the reader away from reading your objective – he may decide to skip it altogether and favor other more interesting sections.

Here are a couple of resume objective dos:

Keep your resume to a maximum of two lines. It should be descriptive and contain action words wherever possible. Long resume objectives show that you are incapable of wrapping up your thoughts properly.

Use complete sentences – do not let your objective hang in the middle. Your resume objective should be a complete thought as opposed to a smattering of adjectives used to describe your potential.

To see how resume objectives can be written along these lines, refer to the ones (for an assembly line worker) listed below:

Sample Objectives for Assembly Line Worker Resume

• Seeking a position as an Assembly Line Worker at ProLogistix. Demonstrated ability to set up and operate assembling machinery and ensuring that it is timely and appropriately maintained.

• Looking for an Assembly Line Worker position at Kelly using proficiency in setting up work areas and producing items within the cycle time intended.

• Desire an Assembly Line Worker position at KDMK Manufacturing. Offering skills in positioning parts and subassemblies by accurately reading measurements and assembling components by ensuring that correct connections are maintained.

• To obtain an Assembly Line Worker position at Resource Options. Bringing adeptness at keeping assembly equipment operational, performing preventative maintenance and ensuring that components are manufactured within the time frame provided.

• To work as an Assembly Line Worker with Pfizer Inc. using demonstrated ability to measure, grade and feed batches of raw materials into production machinery and ensure quality of each cycle by performing dedicated checks.

• Looking for a position as an Assembly Line Worker at Hickory Farms. Offers excellent skills in monitoring production processes and carrying out basics assembly line tests to ensure quality and quantity conformance.