Assembly Line Worker Cover Letter Sample

Assembly line workers are employed by a number of industries including aircraft, toys, domestic appliances, automobiles, computers, and electronic devices. They are responsible for making sure that each part of a bigger unit is integrated appropriately.

If you are looking for an assembly line worker job, you need to ensure that your cover letter holds information about your relevant qualifications to perform the necessary functions this job perfectly.

The following cover letter for assembly line worker resume will provide you with information on how you can do this.


Assembly Line Worker Cover Letter Example


822 Joseph Street
Providence, RI 63543

January 12, 2017

Ms. Diana Deleon
Manager HR
Paramount Products
53 Sterling Avenue
Providence, RI 77331


Dear Ms. Deleon:

I was delighted to learn about the Assembly Line Worker position openings at Paramount Products. With a track record of success working in a fast-paced production environment and excellent hand-eye coordination, I am eager utilize my expertise and skills in the most efficient manner to contribute to your bottom-line.

Through my extensive experiences, I have gained substantial skills in reading detailed schematics and blueprints in order to assemble the machine, and using hand or power tools to trim, shim, cut, and make other adjustments to fit components together and aligning them properly.

I thrive in collaborative work environment where hard work is a norm. My strong ability to conduct quality control checks and work closely with designers and engineers in product development will help Paramount Products attain its long term goals. I am able to use staple guns, brad pin nails, cordless screw guns and chop saws keeping in mind safety rules and regulations.

I am confident that my fabrication skills and passion for assembly work will help me excel at your organization. I would love the opportunity to have an interview with you in order to discuss your requirements and my skills in detail. I will follow-up on my application after 5 working days. If you have any questions, please contact me at (000) 456-7899.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Phillip Cole

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