Warehouse Supervisor Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: April 2, 2022

A good cover letter for the Warehouse Supervisor position highlights the applicant’s relevant qualifications and skills. It is mainly divided into 4 main sections.

Let’s take a careful look at each:

Section 1

The initial part of your cover letter comprises your name and particulars followed by the name and details of the employer.

It is best to address the employer with his/her name directly.

Section 2

Next, tell them why you are interested in applying for the advertised post and what type of experience you offer. Also, talk briefly about your previous and present jobs.

Section 3

Give some of your strong points that can attract employers in bullets or a comparison table.

Section 4

In the last paragraph, you will prove your mettle by showing them what you’ve got! Tell them explicitly what you offer their company and why should they be hiring you.

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Warehouse Supervisor Cover Letter Example

Ian Gandalf
12th Bridge Square, Corvallis, OR 85474
(000) 579-2510

April 2, 2022

Mr. Timothy Ferguson
HR Manager
Belt Mann Enterprises Inc.
25th Gaudy Street
Corvallis, OR 99900

Dear Mr. Ferguson:

I am very interested in applying for the position of warehouse supervisor, as advertised on your website. I offer skills in operating forklifts, packing/unpacking goods, labeling merchandise, and stacking shelves.

You have mentioned in your advertisement that you need expertise in managing staff, shipping and receiving products, preparation of invoices and reports, and handling client’s orders and complaints. I offer your company the same and a lot more. Developing a team-oriented environment and motivating employees to work in an organized manner is my way of working.

Some of my accomplishments that directly translate my potential include:

• Implemented a highly commended computerized inventory system for locating and relocating goods.
• Increased output of warehouse by 30% without losing viability.
• Trained over 100 employees of ABC Warehouse and Storage Inc.
• Provided and maintained a high level of customer associations built on active interpersonal abilities.

I would like to meet you in person to enlighten you further regarding my relevant qualifications. I will call you shortly to schedule an appointment with you.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Ian Gandalf
(000) 579-2510

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