Warehouse Coordinator Cover Letter Sample

Updated on March 3, 2018

Every cover letter has the same purpose, i.e. to let the employer know why the candidate is suitable for the position and how he or she can benefit the hiring organization.

This kind of convincing can’t be easy. A winning cover letter that genuinely aids your quest for an interview has to be an extraordinary one!

It is highly advisable to craft your cover letter after going through the target job requirements.

To convince the recruiter that you fully qualify for the job, relate those portions from your work experiences in the cover letter, which are most relevant to the target job descriptions.


Warehouse Coordinator Cover Letter Sample



Mildred Bagley

62 West Browning Avenue, Fresno, CA 93704
(008) 555-666 ~ [Email]

March 3, 2018

Mr. Ivan Tory
Hiring Manager
Zee Associates
225 W Bullard Avenue
Fresno, CA 93704


Dear Mr. Tory:

I came across Zee Associates’ need of a Warehouse Coordinator and submitting my resume a job application for the same. As seasoned, refined and experienced warehouse personnel, I could bring exactly what you are looking for!

While working in the capacity of warehouse associate at Chan Co, I gained valuable experience in all kinds of warehouse functions; documentation, restocking, inventory update and shipping at the same time. My inborn sense of organization and time management would help me a lot to attain your company goals.

Since I am well versed in supervising the receipt and delivery of stock, I am also able to handle all the relevant activities. During my experience, I also groomed many young employees who joined the team in departments of the stock display, loading/unloading trucks, packaging, inventory updating and stock file keeping.

I am confident that I possess all the required skills for this job. Utilizing my capabilities, I’d make a significant difference to the operations of your warehouse. I intend to call your office later this week to set up an interview date. In the interim, if you require any additional details, kindly contact me at (008) 555.6666.



Mildred Bagley

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