Assistant Basketball Coach Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: September 14, 2019
How to Write an Assistant Basketball Coach Cover Letter?

If you want your cover letter for an assistant basketball coach position to be perfect from all angles, you must make an effort to create it that way.

When you write an Assistant Basketball Coach cover letter, focus on what you can offer in terms of skills, and how well your skills align with what the hiring manager requires.


Matching your abilities with the hiring manager’s needs is a bit tricky.

In an assistant basketball coach cover letter, you will need to highlight your ability to create and teach game strategy to players.

Also, mention your knowledge of assisting players in understanding sportsman spirit, and playing according to rules.

One of the main things that you will need to look out for is how you word your cover letter. For example, using jargon particular to basketball will bring you several steps closer to the hiring manager’s favor.



What follows is a cover letter sample written especially for an assistant basketball coach resume:


Assistant Basketball Coach Cover Letter Sample


September 14, 2019

Mr. Chide Owens
Human Resources Manager
Pinkett College
8702 Set Road
Richmond, VA 46021


Dear Mr. Owens:

Basketball has been one of my greatest passions, which is why I decided to take up a career in it. And I have been working as an assistant basketball coach for the last four years now. Both my experience and interest in this makes me an excellent person to hire at Pinkett College.

During the last few years as an assistant basketball coach, I have been performing a wide variety of tasks, such as assessing individuals to determine their game prowess and performing recruiting work. Providing players with information about the gameplay is my forte, as I possess a bag of tricks that they can effectively learn from.

Besides, I am competent in creating game strategies along with head coaches, and can effectively implement them to ensure high chances of winning. Providing information on rules and protocols of basketball to players so that they can play adequately is another area of strength. Since I am a patient individual, it is easy for me to handle beginners, eventually converting them into seasoned players.

I am confident that once we have met in person, you too will agree that I am the best person to hire. On Monday, I will contact your office to inquire about your availability for an interview. If you need to reach me in the meantime, please feel free to call at (000) 003-2527.

Thank you for considering my credentials for the Assistant Basketball Coach position at Pinkett College.




Greg Dinklage

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