Physiotherapist Resume and CV Sample

Updated: March 17, 2023

A Physiotherapist Resume or CV is a critical component of your job application set. It is typically a 1-2 page document that highlights your skills and experiences as a physiotherapist.

As a physiotherapist, you should have a great level of empathy, temperament, and an exceptional understanding of your field.

These are just a few of the qualifications that you should mention when writing an ideal Physiotherapist CV or resume.

To help you with writing your CV, our career experts write the following CV sample.

This example is specifically designed to reflect the unique talents of a Physiotherapist. Feel free to use the sample below to stand out from the rest!

A resume for a physiotherapist position should be written in keeping with the needs of a specific employer. It should be targeted.

Physiotherapist Resume Page Image

Rosalyn Pane
Topping, VA
(000) 322-7855
[email protected]


Uniquely qualified Physiotherapist with a track record of success assisting patients with physical difficulties, resulting from illnesses, injuries, or aging. Demonstrated expertise in promoting patient health and well-being by assisting with dedicated rehabilitation processes.

• Treatment Modification • Rehabilitation
• Wellness Promotion • Discharge Planning
• Patient Assessment • Patient Appraisal
• Orthoses Fitting • Physical Health Promotion
• Mobilization Support • Pain Prevention
• Splintering/Plastering • Movement Restoration

• Committed to creating dedicated rehabilitation processes aimed at meeting the individual needs of patients.
• Ability to promote patient health through manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, and the application of technological equipment.
• Proficient in providing advice to patients to help them with avoiding injury and self-manage long-term conditions.
• Adept at organizing special therapies such as hydrotherapies, electrotherapies, and aromatherapies to assist patients in rehabilitating procedures.


Americares, Topping, VA
(2015 – Present)
• Successfully assist a patient who had only a 5% chance of being fully rehabilitated by running her through an extensive and thorough rehabilitation program and restoring her physical mobility by 85%.
• Implement an alternative therapy program for patients needing mobility support, with a success rate of 79%.
• Interview patients to determine their complaints and assess their conditions by going through GPs’ files.
• Provide patients with information on how advanced their physical disability is and suggest possible avenues to help them.
• Create and implement physical therapy programs to assist patients with mobility and function.
• Review existing treatment programs and incorporate exercise and movement by using a range of techniques.

International SOS, San Jose, CA
(2012 – 2015)
• Led 15 informational seminars on physical well-being on an international level.
• Introduced a patient appraisal system that reduced the time taken in coordinating with GPs by implementing an online contact system.
• Educated patients and families on self-care / home care and on ways to improve their conditions.
• Evaluated each patient on a regular basis in order to determine their progress.
• Suggested additional exercises or therapy sessions where needed.
• Created detailed records of patients’ information, development, and history in a confidential manner.
• Analyzed assessment findings and tweaked treatment plans accordingly in order to ensure treatment efficacy.

Physical Therapy Assistant
St Mary Medical Center, Sharon, OH
(2010 – 2012)
• Assisted in evaluating patients’ conditions by interviewing them and taking related notes.
• Provided support for patient education by making sure that both patients and their caregivers understand the type of support that needs to be given.
• Calibrated and operated physical therapy machines according to each patient’s condition.
• Assisted in performing physical therapy by documenting processes and adjusting dials and gauges as instructed.
• Scheduled appointments with patients and ensured that follow-up procedures were put in place.

Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy
Penn State University, Sharon, OH – 2009

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