Surgical Tech Resume Sample

Measurable accomplishments and key responsibilities are not all what surgical tech resumes are made of. There are other aspects of a resume that one has to look into. The objective/summary, the skills section and information of education is equally important. However, how all this needs to be placed within a resume need to be figured out.

The details in your resume for surgical tech position are what make it complete. If you provide complete information in every section, your resume will be deemed a successful one. Don’t let the employer keep guessing. Make sure that you provide him enough suitable information so that he doesn’t look elsewhere for the perfect employee.


Surgical Tech Resume Sample


Jason Flores

6965 Clifton Street ● Saugus, MA 09878 ● (000) 121-4785 ● Jason.flores @ email . com


Performance Summary: Highly experienced surgical technologist who is known for facilitating effective conduct of invasive surgical procedures, by ensuring that operating environments are safe. Deep insight into both theory and application of sterile and aseptic techniques. Fully familiar with human anatomy and surgical procedures. An energetic individual who effectively handles decontamination, sterilization and sanitation of equipment and instruments.


• Sanitation • Equipment and Instrument Maintenance
• Invasive Therapeutic Procedures • Patient Monitoring
• Wound Dressing • Emergency Response
• Sterile Techniques Maintenance • Infection Prevention
• Patient Safety • Surgical Equipment Inventory
• Needs Anticipation • Patient Positioning


Surgical Tech
Mayo Clinic, Saugus, MA (6/2010 to Present)
• Saved a patient’s life who had suffered a mid-surgery heart attack by providing her with immediate CPR
• Suggested a series of novel disinfection procedures, decreasing chances of in-room infection by 88%
• Handle patient position duties according to instructions provided by surgeon
• Pad points of pressure such as heels, knees, eyes and axillary regions
• Discuss patient’s temperature and other vitals with the anesthesia personnel to provide them with a heads on
• Prepare surgery suites by checking and gathering supplies and equipment
• Ascertain that all instruments are working properly before and after each surgical case
• Facilitate effective transition between surgical procedures by providing logistical support
• Assist in the maintenance and care of specimens and identify specimens and ensure correct labeling

Surgical Tech
City Hospital, Saugus, MA (5/2016 to 6/2010)
• Devised an equipment maintenance method which guaranteed 100% sterilization of equipment during the process
• Wrote a booklet on pre and post-surgical self-care techniques, used as an important part of patient education procedures
• Prepared operative suites for surgeries by checking and gathering needed supplies and equipment
• Positioned patients and handled surgical draping activities
• Effectively provided self-care education to patients both pre and post surgeries
• Recognized emergency situations and responded appropriately by providing CPR or notifying ER staff
• Ascertained that inventory of surgical supplies and equipment is maintained properly
• Educated patients and families about pre and post-surgical self-care procedures

Surgical Intern
Nova Health, Saugus, MA (1/2005 to 5/2006)
• Prepared surgical rooms by ensuring that surgical beds, equipment and instruments are available
• Handled sterilization procedures both pre and post-surgery
• Assisted with patient positioning by taking specific instructions from surgeons
• Maintained inventory of surgical supplies, instruments and equipment
• Ascertained that surgical asepsis is maintained while handling sponges, sutures and needles

Saugus Medical School, Saugus, MA – 2004
Bachelor’s Degree in Surgical Technology

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