Power Plant Mechanical Technician Job Description

Updated on: June 12, 2019

Mechanical technicians work in a variety of settings such as nuclear or fossil power plants and laboratories depending on their work settings.

Often employed in the manufacturing industry, power plant mechanical technicians perform maintenance and repairs work on automated equipment.


They also start up power plants at the beginning of each shift and make sure that they run smoothly.

Power plant mechanical technicians are provided with a checklist of things that they need to do in a day. This may include regular maintenance work to complicated troubleshooting and repairing activities.

Job Requirements

It is essential for power plant mechanical technicians to possess a high school diploma or a GED at the very least.

Training is often provided to them on the job; some companies even offer apprenticeships for budding mechanical technicians.


Skills and Abilities

Some of the prerequisites of working as a mechanical technician in a power plant include the ability to communicate clearly, exercise caution, knowledge of troubleshooting and repair, and exceptional attention to detail.

Other duties of a mechanical technician include:


Power Plant Mechanical Technician Job Description

• Assemble and test basic and complex power plant components using assembly drawings

• Determine suitable equipment and tools necessary to perform each assembly and maintenance job

• Perform power plant initial start duties at the beginning of the day and check plants for inconsistencies

• Ensure that any discrepancies are further investigated, and problems are pinpointed exactly

• Carry out a number of troubleshooting and repair activities to ensure that power plants work at the optimum levels

• Respond to station alarms and resolve power plant issues

• Test and calibrate equipment such as pressure transmitters, vale positioning devices, and pneumatic controls

• Develop, implement and maintain effective outage backup plans

• Install, test and maintain HVAC systems at the power plant premises

• Supervise preventative maintenance programs and perform regular inspections and analysis of facilities to ensure smooth operations

• Monitor critical indicators of power plant operations to determine evidence of mechanical problems

• Open and close valves and switches by keeping correct order in mind

• Operate generators and auxiliary pumping equipment

• Monitor and control power generating equipment such as turbines, boilers, and reactors

• Adjust controls to make electrical power required for power plant operations

• Perform general and preventative maintenance on generators, turbines, and pumps by cleaning and lubricating them

• Examine power distribution machinery and equipment to ensure they are working properly

• Replenish electrolytes in water and change oil in transformers on a regular basis

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