Power Plant Technician Resume Sample

Updated on: October 5, 2017


A standout resume is balm to the tired eyes of a fed-up hiring manager, who has been through dozens of resumes that he or she cannot relate to.

Writing a good one requires grit and effort – if you are willing to put in both, you are halfway there!

Here is a sample Power Plant Technician resume to help you:




Power Plant Technician Resume Example



Samuel Lee

403 Riverleigh Avenue | Riverhead, NY 03601 | (000) 879-5421| samlee @ email . com


Physically dexterous Power Plant Technician with 8+ years’ success. Proficient in setting up and calibrating power plant equipment and machines, according to specified protocols.

Deep familiarity with testing machines to established standards to ensure that they work seamlessly. Installs, adjusts, and inspects a variety of mechanical equipment and parts of electrical machinery. Ability to perform overhauling and adjustments to turbines, generators, boilers and pumps. Proficient in performing preventative and predictive maintenance on power plants, to ensure its operational smoothness


✓ Machine Calibration ✓ Preventative Maintenance ✓ Parts Manufacturing
✓ Insulation ✓ Outage Maintenance ✓ Inspections
✓ Metal Refinishing ✓ Safety Measures ✓ Power Generation
✓ Troubleshooting ✓ Overhauling ✓ Machine Installation


• Replaced the old calibration system with a new, more efficient one, resulting in immediate increase in efficiency.
• Introduced the concept of preventative maintenance, reducing incidents of breakdowns by 55%.
• Implemented a series of safety measures, which resulted in fewer incidents of injury and accidents.
• Trained 12 apprentices to work on power plants, as part of their induction to the work.


Power Plant Technician
PRS Energy, Riverhead, NY | 6/2012 – Present
• Set up and calibrate power machines and equipment at the beginning of each shift.
• Ascertain that all initial tests are performed to perfection, by following established protocols.
• Make repairs on high pressure vessels, including boiler tubes, hand holes, drums, steam lines and nose castings.
• Manufacture or fabricate replacement parts and refinish metal components using specialized equipment and tools.
• Handle controls and adjust vials according to preset standards, ensuring that they are tweaked according to requirements.
• Perform both preventative and regular maintenance on power plants to ensure their operational smoothness.
• Open and close switches and valves in sequence, taking cues from other workers.
• Ascertain that standby emergency equipment is made available, in cases of breakdowns.

Power Plant Technician
PNP Power, Riverhead, NY | 2/2009 – 5/2012
• Assisted in setting up power plant equipment, and ensuring that it was properly calibrated.
• Adjusted controls upon instruction to ensure that all processes work in tandem with each other.
• Controlled and maintained auxiliary equipment including pumps, fans and compressors.
• Made minor repairs and adjustments such as tightening leaks and pipe joints.
• Ascertained that the power plant area was kept clean and maintained throughout the shift.

Riverhead High School, Riverhead, NY – 2009
High School Diploma