Power Plant Mechanic Resume Sample

Updated on June 12, 2019

Power Plant Mechanic Resume Tips

Avoid pronouns

Do not use ‘I’ in your resume. Instead of writing, ‘I implemented an enhanced security system…’ Just go with ‘Implemented an enhanced security system..’

The reader knows you are talking about yourself, no need to mention it in every point.


Use sentence fragments to save space

Do not opt for long complete sentences, fragments work well, and save a lot of space.

Be as specific as possible

More particular means more relevant. Elaborate your experience and competencies as much as possible and do so in detail. Vague and general statements about your competence are a mere waste of time.

Use simple language

Write a readable and easy to understand resume. Do not go for large vocabulary. Stick to simple plain English instead.



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Power Plant Mechanic Resume Example


Marcus King
504 Penny Lane, Lakeview, AR 48382
(008) 333-2222


Detail oriented Power Plant Mechanic skilled in repair and maintenance of mechanical equipment and machinery. Hands on experience in carrying out minor corrective maintenance and alterations in various physical and electrical plants


System Overhauling
Gas Processing
Plant Service
Thermal Imaging
Door Control Adjustment
Utility Maintenance
Hydraulic/ Pneumonic Torque
Plant System Diagnosis
Plant Restoration
Equipment Inspection
Vibration Analysis


Power Plant Mechanic
Textron, Lakeview, AR | 2011-present

• Enhance the power plant performance by 30% through regular lubrication of parts and periodic preventive maintenance
• Reduce the fueling and repair costs for the plant by 50% by implementing cost-effective operational strategies at the station
• Oversee daily operations, maintenance and repair works at the plant
• Conduct regular equipment inspection, diagnose and troubleshoot problems
• Ensure operational compliance with plant specifications

Calista, Lakeview, AR | 2009-2011

• Maintained daily logs and initiated a daily activity reporting system to gauge the quality of plant operations and mechanical functioning
• Fixed an electrical problem in the engine to ensure proper mixture combinations for the smooth operation of machinery
• Carried out overhauls and repairs on heat-generating recovery plants
• Repaired combined cycle power plant system
• Responded to mechanical/ welding/electrical emergencies



• HVAC Certification in plant mechanics
• Basic understanding of physical plant buildings
• Ability to read, write and follow instructions

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