Ophthalmology Technician Resume Sample

Updated: September 23, 2017


Ophthalmology Technician Resumes are liked by hiring managers only when they are written in a structured manner.

Structured resumes are considered half successful even before they are read.

Here is a resume format that you can use to write your own structured resume:





Ophthalmology Technician Resume Example



Rebecca Regan

12 Ridge Drive, Orland Park, IL 60464
(000) 658-5241
re.bregan @ email . com


Highly experienced ophthalmology technician with extensive comprehension of providing well-placed support to ophthalmologists, in the areas of eye disease diagnosis and care. Skilled in handling both the medical and administrative ends of facility work, aiming to ensure patient satisfaction.

Takes patients’ histories accurately, create documentation and perform measuring tasks to include visual fields.
Adept at performing fundus photography and refractions, based on individual requirements. Active and organized with the ability to assess pupils, confrontation fields, and anterior chamber depths.


✓ Patient Scheduling ✓ Medical History Obtainment
✓ Surgical Assistance ✓ Patient Flow Management
✓ Supplies Inventory ✓ Vision Testing
✓ Refractive Errors Management ✓ Instruments Maintenance
✓ BAT & CST Testing ✓ Equipment Calibration
✓ Ocular Measurements ✓ Visual Field Tests


• Successfully handled 5 patients in one go, on a particularly busy day at the clinic.
• Trained 50 ophthalmic interns in using and maintaining ophthalmic instruments.
• Introduced an equipment calibration system, which proved to be 75% more accurate that the one already in use.
• Provided assistance during a complex surgical procedure, the outcome of which was 100% successful.

Ophthalmology Technician
BLT Technologies Inc., Orland Park, IL | 11/2014 – Present
• Schedule patient appointments over the telephone and in person, and provide appropriate and timely follow-up
• Ascertain that any cancellations are handled according to protocol, ensuring that they are filled by taking the waiting list into account
• Provide customers with reminders on follow-up appointments, and ensure that they are educated about the importance or regular eye visits
• Collect and document patients’ medical histories, and ensure that all such information is confidentially stored
• Collect ophthalmic measurements and other diagnostic information, using ultrasound equipment

Ophthalmology Technician
ABC Company, Orland Park, IL | 6/2010 – 11/2014

• Obtained history of present illness, and information regarding allergies and medications.
• Calculated corrections for refractive errors, measure and record lens power using lensometers.
• Assisted ophthalmologists during refraction procedures, and eye surgeries, by providing them with required supplies.
• Performed preventative and regular maintenance on ophthalmology equipment and instruments.

Ophthalmology Intern
The Eye Clinic, Orland Park, IL| 2/2009 – 5/2010
• Set up ophthalmology equipment and instruments at the beginning of each shift.
• Assisted technicians in performing preliminary eye examinations to test vision.
• Provided support in collecting ophthalmic measurements using ultrasonography equipment.
• Calculated corrections for refractive errors, and recorded outcomes.
• Measured and recorded lens power, and administered non-intravenous medications.

Orland Park High School, Orland Park, IL – 2009
High School Diploma