Medication Technician Resume Sample and Writing Guide

Updated on: October 25, 2020
How to Write a Good Resume for Medication Technician Position?

When writing a resume for a medication technician, keep in mind that you have to customize it as per the needs of the employer. That said, you cannot send the same resume to a new company.

  1. Start your resume with a medication technician summary or objective statement.
  2. Then highlight your medication technician skills, achievements, experiences.
  3. Don’t write a lengthy resume – one to two pages with relevant information are sufficient.

Here is a sample to help you in crafting your own resume.

Sample Resume for Medication Technician Position

Simon Page
188 Valley Street, Covington, GA 52525
(000) 458-2521 @ email . com


Experienced medication technician boasting of exceptional skills in creating, implementing, and monitoring medication programs for assigned patients. Highly proficient in setting up and assisting with self-administration of medicines, placing special focus on patient wellbeing.

• Demonstrated expertise in ensuring that all medication is properly and safely stored in designated areas.
• Proficient in regularly reviewing residents’ / patients’ medication administration records, reporting any errors to the supervisor.
• Adept at assisting in updating service plans, and monthly care logs.
• Deep familiarity with handling patient oversight working, ensuring that their wellbeing and health is kept a priority.

• Records Management • Plan Development
• Medication Administration • Order and Receiving
• Inventory Management • Service Plans Updating
• Quality Nursing Metrics • Orders Documentation
• Enema Administration • Crises Intervention
• Confidentiality Maintenance • Healthcare Liaison

• Implemented a novel records management system, which proved to be 65% more efficient than the one already being used.
• Successfully implemented a service plan updating system, making it more navigable than before.
• Simultaneously provided medication administration assistance to 7 patients at one time.
• Intervened in a particularly explosive situation, involving a patient, and managed to resolve the problem, without harming anyone.


Medication Technician
Atria Senior Living, Covington, GA
2/2014 – Present
• Look through work orders to determine the histories and medication plans of assigned patients.
• Assist in the creation and implementation of medication plans, according to the specifics of each patient.
• Monitor medication programs, and keep records updated in medication administrative files.
• Administer medication to all assigned patients, according to specified medication programs.
• Observe patients and ensure that they respond well to the medicines, and intervene in cases of emergencies.
• Keep all medicines in the appropriate storage places while ensuring that medicine cupboards are kept locked.
• Create and maintain records of all patients, and medication administration information.
• Provide assistance in the training of assisted living staff, particularly those involved in medication administration.

Medication Technician
Omnicare, Covington, GA
2/2009 – 2/2014
• Assisted the assigned patients in handling everyday work activities such as bathing, grooming, and toileting.
• Provided support in eating food, and changing clothes, ensuring their wellbeing at all times.
• Ascertained that all patients were kept comfortable and safe, by making their surroundings conducive.
• Created and maintained records of all assigned patients, ensuring that all files were confidentially maintained.
• Assisted nursing staff in handling medicine administration work, and providing medication reminders to patients.

High School Diploma
Covington High School, Covington, GA

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