Environmental Technician Resume Sample

Updated on: June 2, 2017


There is such a thing as providing too much information in an environmental technician resume. While you may be extremely proud of your past experiences, there is really no need to mention all 20 of them!

Just mention the recent couple and you are good to go. Unless of course all 20 of them relate to the job for which you are applying.

A resume sample is provided here for you to look through:



Environmental Technician Resume Sample



Gabriel Clinton

458 State Road | Banner, WY 63021
(000) 178-2514 | gabclin @ email . com


Performance Summary
Environmental technician with extensive experience in addressing environmental problem by identifying short-term and long-range issues. Proficient in gathering environmental data by applying agriculture, chemistry and meteorology principles, and performing inspections of tank farms, gypsum stacks and air emissions to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. A flexible individual who equally work well as a leader and team member in a dynamic consulting environment.

Professional Skills

✓ Data Collection and Compilation ✓ Data Analysis
✓ Environmental Deficiency Reports ✓ Preventative Actions
✓ Data Reporting ✓ Environmental Regulations
✓ Soil/Water Sampling ✓ Fluid Flow Systems Management
✓ Inspections ✓ Environmental Trainings
✓ Checklists Maintenance ✓ Bacteriological Tests


Selected Accomplishments
• Developed and implemented a range of environmental control programs, all of which were considered 100% successful.
• Saved a 3 large water bodies from contamination by implementing well-timed preventative actions.
• Successfully implemented environmental regulations which increased the organization’s chances of being accepted globally as a green company.
• Implemented a series of data reporting metrics that proved to be highly successful in providing well-placed reporting initiatives


Environmental Technician
ECS Limited, Banner, WY | 6/2008 – Present

• Collect air, water and soil samples to determine contamination levels and assess environmental conditions
• Carry out chemical, physical and biological tests on collected samples and document results
• Assist in field investigations and inspections and trace chemical, physical and biological pathways of environmental pollutants
• Review applications for environmental permits and certifications and process them as required
• Assist in designing methodologies and processes for environmental sampling and analysis
• Develop information requirements and design correlating information systems
• Maintain gas and fluid flow systems, along with chemical reaction systems and mechanical equipment
• Implement quality control metrics and protocols for testing materials for conformity and compliance
• Prepare and submit reports of findings for clients and supervisors and measure field characteristic and properties

Environmental Technician
The Mosaic Company, Banner, WY| 2/2004 – 6/2008

• Assisted in collecting samples of soil, groundwater and air for assessment purposes
• Used field screening equipment to document readings and wrote clear filed reports
• Provided support in purchasing and maintaining sampling equipment and tools
• Assisted in the development and implementation of environmental control programs
• Inspected maintenance documents, historical files and inspection records to decipher trends or recurring discrepancies

Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Sciences
Wyoming State University, Banner, WY | 2002